Wellington 4-Packs - Your Choice: Cab or Zin

Wellington Vineyards Red Wine 4-Packs - (Your Choice: Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel)
Wellington Vineyards Mixed Cabernet Sauvignon 4-Pack
2013 Wellington Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Karren Vineyard, Sonoma Mountain
2013 Wellington Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Handal-Denier Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley
Wellington Vineyards Mixed Zinfandel 4-Pack
2012 Wellington Vineyards Zinfandel, Meeks Hilltop Ranch, Sonoma Valley
2012 Wellington Vineyards Estate Zinfandel, Sonoma Valley

I’d split zins.

In for a set of the Cabs. Thanks Peter!

Auto + Buy = Wellington!!! Thanks Peter and WD


His life’s goal is to pet a polar bear.

He’s had the polar bear in his tasting room a couple of times. Guess he missed the chance. :wink:

Repeat after me: BUY all the Wellington! I hope everyone’s doing okay in California.

Thank you for the wonderful wine. You will be missed.


We just had a bottle of the 2005 Handal-Denier Cab 2 weeks ago. It was absolutely gorgeous. I wonder what the drinking window is on the 2013. Not that it matters much, I’ve already ordered it.

We’re starting to return to what semblance of normalcy remains. The effects will be felt for a long time. I just met up tonight with friends who fled as their house went up in flames - he in pants, she in nightgown, no shoes, running through fire, driving through fire. They guessed right when they got to the end of their driveway. They lost their pets and everything else on the property, but are happy to be alive.

If anyone’s interested, I posted a medium length bit about the fires in the Community / World of Woot Wines “Fires” forum earlier in the week. It includes a paragraph about effects on vineyards, wineries and wines.

2 sets of Cabs! Yum!

Similar - should drink well at least 10-12 years from vintage.

In for a set of Cabs…wish I could swing two sets but happy to be in on this one!!

Oh No No No Peter. You ain’t getting off that easy. One of the benefits of being a software engineer is I have ways to guarantee you won’t slip one past me in the middle of the night.

In for 1 Cab, 1 Zin. I think I have half a case of that cab. They’re taking a long nap in my cellar. Opened a 2010 the other day. My luv…

Or is the new And. I choose both!

As always, requisite:


We have boxes upon boxes of Peter’s juice with no place to store it. And yet, while I haven’t clicked the button thus far today, it’s nearly an inevitability. Again.

Is there any chance that there will be a time when Wellington will ship to New Jersey again?

Debating on a 3rd cab. Hmm. Mmm!? I don’t have room. I will have to clear some 2 cases or so. If only wine.woot was able to hold onto purchased wine… if only…

I was just thinking the same thing. After reading all the comments on this vineyard, I may need to move to a different state…

Not going to happen. Peter is just selling off his remaining inventory. He won’t be purchasing new state licenses at this point.

I’ve ordered many cases of Wellington via a wootlegger in NY. It works well if you have the option.