Wellington (Anti) Mystery Case

just bought one a few days ago…bought the victory today…must resist!!! no more funds!!

Any chance we’d see some Victory in the cab heavy case?

Oh, well, I have room for another case in the basement. Got a cab-heavy to go with the syrah-heavy I bought last week…

If only Wellington could ship to Nebraska. I would be in for 3.

Will this be the last Wellington as we know it to ever be offered on Woot!?

How does one find out if a particular winery can ship to his/her/zhe state?
I’m in AR and SUPER curious.

man i’ve held off for a while and couldn’t help myself. I had to get a case of the cab.

Are the contents of this case going to be identical to last week’s offer?

Oh, my poor bank account. It cries in pain.

I’ve been resisting the last several Wellington offerings due to a loss of job wbm, but a man can only take so much! This will be my farewell to Wellington though (probably!). Thanks Peter for the wines and for being such a great part of the community!

First Sucker:kmccarty006
Last Wooter to Woot:Kainc

Have 4 cases of Wellington on its way right now, might as well add two more, right??

In for 1 each of the zin and cab!

Honestly!! If you can find a better value at $12 a bottle please point me to it. Thanks Peter once again.

A case of Wellington reds, half of which are my favorite, Syrah? At $12/bottle? Thank you PW. A case. $140. Wow.

What’s this about this possibly being the Last? WD and PW have a falling out?

I keep getting an error message on my Amazon account…humph.

Peter is retiring so he’s closing out the last of his wines. Really happy he’ll have more time for hobbies and family but we will miss his wine and commentary!

As a former very active member, I’ve had great interactions with SH and PW over the years. Sad to see a great winemaker go, even if it is on their own terms. Glad I got in on this, and now I know why it was such a screaming deal…

Retrospectively this is, err was, the Last Wellington offer. Good luck Mr. Wellington sir.


How do we know it’s the last? I think I missed that part.