Wellington Cabernet Collecton Trio + 1

Wellington Cabernet Collecton Trio + 1
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Quite Wellington, Thank You
2 Wellington 2002 Cabernet Sonoma
1 Wellington 2003 Cabernet Mohrhardt Ridge
1 Wellington 2003 Cabernet Handal-Denier

Uh oh, that blabbermouth SonomaBouliste’s bound to be back this week… :slight_smile:

Way to go Corrado… you are so good!

sigh i have too many cabs

15 dollar cabs are an amazing price from a good winemaker. In for at least two sets…

No such thing

I’m sure these are great, but I’ve spent too much this week, especially with Mother’s Day just having passed.

I won’t be hailing this cab, so feel free to take one for me.

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In for two, can’t wait to taste them.

Haha yeah I know. The great Corrado spoke, and I wooted :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t trying to be first (honest) – and I tried to cancel during processing. This makes week 2 I ordered and forgot the early coupon. DOH!

Maybe we can have a Wellington sell out this week?

Being a less experienced wine drinker, I struggle with knowing when to open a bottle. Most of what I buy is relatively new (past couple of year’s vintage). How do I know when it is right to open the bottle, and when I should continue to hang on it?

It is nice to see bottles available at this price from 2002 and 2003. But should even these be opened, yet, or should they age another 3 - 5 years (or more) for truly great wine?

Nice, donbon! First wooter to figure out new wine.woot offering and first sucker to buy wine.woot offering. Someone is definitely firing on all cylinders this evening!

And may I say a loud thank you to WineDavid and a hearty congrats to our beloved vintner at Wellington. I am delighted and in for more than I need.

What is the “early coupon”?

Lots of reading for ya from the Wellington website.

2003 Cabernet Sauvignon, Mohrhardt Ridge $ 22.00
This is our 15th consecutive vintage of Cabernet sauvignon from Mohrhardt Ridge Vineyard. This unique mountainside location, only five miles away from the Pacific Ocean produces high quality grapes more consistently than any other vineyard from which we produce wine. Harvest of the very small crop (less than 2¼ tons per acre) took place on Oct. 18th, at 24.5° brix and 3.21pH (fully ripe while maintaining a great acid level).
Mohrhardt Ridge is the most Bordeaux like of our Cabernets, very aromatic, with great complexity and elegant texture. The aromas are definitely those of a c****ool climate vineyard: raspberry, black pepper, violets, with hints of olive and spice. The oak (40% new French and American) is very well integrated, with hints of vanilla and caramel. The smooth entry, lively fruit, and hallmark Mohrhardt Ridge silky texture lead to a long, balanced finish with just enough slightly chewy tannin to ensure longevity. While it is easy to drink now, it will only improve with age. This vintage will probably be at its best from 2007 to 2012 or so. Of course, everyone’s taste is different, but we will be happy to share our impressions of how the wine is aging at any time; just give us a call. Enjoy the wine!

** 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma County $ 18.00**
Deep, almost opaque purple-red; complex aromas with lots of blackberry, cherry, and blueberry fruit. Notes of chocolate, cinnamon and molasses. Just enough tannin and acid to keep it focused and enjoyable with food.

** 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon, Hulen Vineyard $28.00** [Ed. The 2003 vintage isn’t up on the Wellington site]
The Cabernet from this vineyard produces a full-bodied wine with plenty of rich soft tannins, making it both age worthy and approachable in its youth. 2001 was a fantastic year for Cabernet in most of Sonoma County and this Cabernet was the cream of the crop.

The aroma has good intensity, dominated by ripe cherry, blueberry and cassis with notes of spice and vanilla. On the palate this Cabernet achieves the elusive combination of power and finesse, the proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove. A moderately sweet, supple entry and rich, but not heavy, middle lead to a long finish with soft tannins and lingering fruit aftertaste. We expect that this wine will continue to fill out, soften and gain finesse for several years to come.

This will be our last vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon with the Hulen Vineyard designation. We continue to buy grapes from this wonderful little hillside vineyard above West Dry Creek Road, but due to a change in ownership we will no longer use the Hulen name. **Beginning with the 2003 vintage this wine will be bottled as Handal-Denier Vineyard. We did not bottle the 2002 separately, as it did not attain our standards for vineyard designation. **

Just order now :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, when else will we get a wine in “Condition: Quite Wellington, Thank You”

sure there is, you can only drink so many cabs. i need some spice in my life. I have two nice bordeaux and a 1991 mondavi reserve waiting to be drank, i dont want them being jealous of these new cabs.

So order it for the $28 Cab. :slight_smile:

Amen Sister. Although Peter may be less than razzle dazzled by his write up. Hahahahaha…“What a mensch” they said. Mr. Wellington will definitely be getting some of my money this week but he’ll have to wait until Friday’s payday…I’m tired of putting stuff on the CC. :stuck_out_tongue:

it took way too much willpower not to buy last week.
haha i will be strong again

Figured I’d just dive in now. Don’t want to miss this one if it sells out early.