Wellington Cabernet Sauvignon (6)

Anyone have anything to say about this wine?? I’ve been meaning to buy some Wellington as they seem to be leaving the wine game soon…

The general sentiment is Wellington is an “auto-buy.”

There definitely are fans of Wellington here on Woot. Perhaps they have better input. Because of all the fans, 2 years ago we visited the Wellington tasting room and had a terrible experience which I’m sure also effected my wine notes. I didn’t taste this exact Cab but I didn’t rate any of their wines more than 2 out of 5. I even dropped Woot’s name a few times and asked for wines that others raved about and they denied having them even though Club members were picking them up. Just say, “Club Members only.” I get that.

I’ve seen discussion of the 2007 (http://wine.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5363171&ref=cnt_odet_jtd), which was well received, but I’d like to read something about the 2011. How long will I have to cellar it before it peaks? Thanks.

Wellington wines have never disappointed me, I’ve had less enjoyable wines for twice the price. This is one of the winemaker auto buys I don’t hesitate (and I’m not alone). Not sure what you mean by “leaving the game soon”.

Peter sold the winery, though he’ll have wines through the 2013 vintage. Not sure about 2014…

Wellington wines are always an rpm AUTOBUY

I’m hesitant since I haven’t seen a single review of the 2011

Oh, I just couldn’t pass this up. I have only 2 Wellington’s left on my rack.

I haven’t had their cab, but all other Wellingtons we have purchased have been great. If we didn’t have way too many cabs, I’d be in. If you’re debating, just buy it!

A note to winery that adding CT to the list would be nice. Hope other wooters who live in CT would also post a comment.

Looks like I meant Peter is retiring. I believe he’s the current winemaker.

We expect this wine to drink well now and for the next five plus years. “Peaks” is subjective; one person’s aged to perfection can be another’s over the hill. We didn’t bottle a Victory from 2011, and only small amounts of vineyard designated Cabs. This vintage of our Sonoma County blend contains substantial amounts of wine from Mohrhardt Ridge, Handal-Denier, and Karren Vineyards, as well as 8% Petit Verdot and 6% Cab Franc. (The stats listed on this site were a quick cut & paste from a previous vintage - we put this deal together at the last minute. Hence the missing vintage date on the labels.)

Ah, thanks guys. I just went for it so I don’t have wine-grets later! Wish it were the variety pack like last time though!

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Woot! Thanks Peter! Still have a case of your stuff left. These are always great wines, I really loved the Karen’s Vineyard 2007. Can’t wait to start drinking these ones!

I hope it ships in time and doesn’t cook on the truck. We had no winter here in Vegas, temps are already rising. I know may is my cutoff from ordering wines. Fortunately wtso has a warehouse to store their orders!

2013 will indeed be our last vintage. Coincidentally, we bottled the last of our 2013’s on Tuesday (Victory, Mohrhardt Ridge Cab, Handal-Denier Cab, and Karren Cab). We’ll remain in operation until early 2017 in order to sell existing inventory.

I’m very sorry you had a bad experience. Our staff are usually very friendly and accommodating - I demand it. I don’t like making excuses, but maybe someone was having a difficult day.

Anyone in Minnesota want to split with me? Or wootleg?

Brand new release.

Well then! I may have to make a drive up to your winery before then… just joined your wine club to see what that has to offer!