Wellington Cabernet Sauvignon Assortment

Wellington Cabernet Sauvignon Assortment
$54.99 + $5 shipping
1 2006 Karren Vineyard Cabernet
1 2006 Handal-Denier Cabernet
1 2006 Mohrhardt Ridge Cabernet
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Hey WD … How about putting up some large wine Coolers? Cause I’m gonna need something to put this wine in I keep buying from you!!!


I opened the 2006 Mohrhardt Ridge Cabernet tonight, I had received it in the club shipment last fall and had it will bacon wrapped filets and a salad.
The Wine breathed for an hour before drinking. It has wonderfully earthy nose with a bit of coffee and some sour cherries in the background. On the palate it’s more cherry with a bit of chassis and dark fruit.

My father enjoyed it as well but provided zero notes.

I have had other vintages of the other two cabs in this 3 pack and can say they are all excellent. This is a great value and much cheaper than I can get these wines through the Wellington club.

Edit: looks like I received this in the fall of 2010 not 2011.
Edit2: go kings!

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when i see wellington, i immediately press the gold button. i’ll be out in northern california in a month, and hope to visit the source!

Good evening / morning all,

This w00t will be the last of the 2006 Mohrhardt Ridge, so it was now or never for this horizontal collection.

In for 3 as I enjoyed the previous woots.

this is a no brainer. N41 thanks y’all!

Here I was congratulating myself on almost finishing my tax forms – just a couple of figures to chase down tomorrow – with minimal damage to the bank account, and along come the Wellington cabs. The wootisphere keeps praising Wellington, and I’ve never bitten before, for no good reason. Well, if nothing else, this should be a representative sample of what Wellington wants to do with cabernet. I’m probably in, but any guidance on drink/hold on these? (Not that I’ve got the storage space left, but it’s the principle of the thing.)

The Karren and Handal-Denier are just starting to open up; a little breathing time or decanting is advised. The Mohrhardt Ridge is closer to its peak, but should probably drink very nicely for another 3 to 5 years.

Can’t say enough good about Wellington. Awesome wine at good prices (god how I miss not being able to get ‘the duke’ anymore) and some of the friendliest people in Sonoma. If you have a chance to visit them, do it!

Alright, I’m in. :slight_smile:

The Duke will make his annual appearance in the Autumn. His partner will make her debut this Spring.

Damn, an auto buy! Fine stuff, but I found atty new year’s dinner that to get the great minerality in tyre 04 Karren to come out you want to decant for 45 + minutes, so longer for this!

Peter, how did these wines do in structure and fruit compared with 05 and 07?

Peter, I love your wines and am a club member.

Begin small complant.
can you please make an attempt at keeping your website up to date.
I’m not sure how much business your website actually pulls in but it’s typically not in line with what you currently have.

End small complaint.

Peter, any idea on what his partners blend will be like. I have a wife who will be giving birth in the summer and is excited to drink wine again. I am assuming it will be a white blend.

Grumble grumble…I’m supposed to be reducing my wine stocks. I might need to go in for two…this was my second or third woot, too (2005 vintage). Grumble.