Wellington Estate/England Crest Syrah (6)

sad (but my wallet is glad) that I missed that :frowning: - that being said, looking at the transaction statistics there was not too much available, huh?

Read a few posts up.


read? few posts up? during a woot-off? oh - my attention span …
wait, I need to hit “post” before I forget

LOL. At least you’re not alone. Judging by posts here and on the grape seed oil discussion, several people thought the same thing.

So, if the description was wrong, are they going to honor the orders for those of us who ordered before they took it down? Because I imagine that the type of wine that was advertised is what people to expect when their orders come…does anyone know how woot has dealt with this in the past?

Sounds like it should be 3 each 2007/2008 Englandcrest. I was assuming one of each for me.

It seems like only half of what was listed was incorrect. I’m guessing – but I wouldn’t be surprised if they offer to cancel orders for people who ordered based on the incorrect description and are unhappy with the actual wines in stock.