Wellington Estate Zinfandel Mixed (4)

Wellington Estate Zinfandel Mixed 4-Pack
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2009 Wellington Vineyards Estate Zinfandel
2010 Wellington Vineyards Estate Zinfandel

Woot are you trying to make me broke? I will have to lock up my wallet in a safe. I’m still trying to dig myself from under wellington and scott harvey crate, otherwise this would be a great deal

Yeah, this.
But then again, the clock is ticking on getting Peter’s wines. I may need to go in for one to fortify my stores of these two vintages. Love the Estate Zin…just had my last '05 a couple weeks ago and it was excellent.

Zinfandel is what I have loved most about our vineyard. The young vine portion of grapes that went into these wines was planted using carefully selected budwood from the 1892 plantings, grafted on St. George rootstock and pruned to a low number of well spaced buds. We always thin fruit, and once the vines were well established we weaned them off water. They are now dry farmed most years. My goal was to come as close as possible to the quality of the ancient vines.

I’ll be turning in for the evening shortly, but I’ll read all posts tomorrow and answer any questions. I may not get to them until midday (Pacific time), as I have some morning appointments.

Seems there’s an issue at check-out. Trying to charge me shipping even though this is the only thing in my basket.

I have two of the 2009 from the mystery case offers, but I have yet to try one. I’m curious, what’s the drinking window on these estate zins? Klezman’s comment about the 2005 helps give me a rough idea, but hopefully Peter can chime in when he checks back in.

I haven’t had the 2010 but the 2009 was delicious and an easy buy. Highly recommended.

Yup, me too.
Deal with it later and order now before it sells out.

I’m still here.
I don’t think the 2009 has great long term aging potential, but the 2010 does. See these notes I wrote last Thursday.

Wellington Estate Zinfandel

The soul of our Estate Zinfandel comes from ancient vines planted in 1892. Sixteen years ago we took cuttings from those vines and grafted them on St. George rootstock, trained them with widely spaced spurs, and, as the vines matured, weaned them off irrigation. All of these measures, along with rigorous fruit thinning to limit yields, were taken in order to replicate the quality of fruit from the ancient vines as closely as possible. We usually co-ferment with a dollop of Carignan and sometimes blend in some Durif (Petite Sirah) for additional backbone if needed. Because of the tannic intensity of these grapes, we barrel age the Estate Zin as long as we age Cabernet sauvignon. Historically this wine has been intense, tannic and ungenerous in its youth, only opening up between five and eight years of age. In most vintages, particularly in cool years when the pH is lower, this wine is capable of aging beautifully for twenty years or more; the 2010 fits this pattern, the 2009 maybe not as much.

Production Notes

2009 Harvest: Oct. 12-21.
80% Zinfandel, 13% Durif (aka Petite Sirah), 7% Carignan
Alcohol: 14.6%, pH: 3.55, residual sugar (RS): less than 0.1%
28 % ancient vine
Bottled April 7, 2011

2010 Harvest: Oct. 14.
90% Zinfandel, 10% Carignan
Alcohol: 14.6%, pH: 3.40, RS: less than 0.1%
35% ancient vine
Bottled April 27, 2012

Both vintages aged 17-18 months in small French and American oak barrels, approx. 20 % new, bottled unfined, lightly filtered.

Tasting Notes, March 3, 2016

2009 Fairly dark youthful, purple-red color. Blackberry and raspberry fruit of great intensity and freshness for a wine this age, black pepper, licorice, toffee, mocha, baking spices and a hint of mint. Rich and mouthcoating, very fruity mid-palate, long fruity finish with a slight bit of heat and some tannin. This wine is in its prime, best consumed over the next couple of years.

2010 Good intensity of blackberry fruit with notes of chocolate, bramble, oak and a hint of raisin. Full bodied, slightly tart, blackberry, oak and dark chocolate flavors, some chewy tannin on the finish. 2010 was a very cool year, resulting in lower pH and firmer tannins. The oak is not fully integrated yet and this wine is still evolving and should improve for several years.

I sent a message along to have someone check into it. Thanks for letting us know!

UPDATE: Shipping cost should be fixed. If you already ordered, you should see that $5 back soon.

In for 2…
Btw the shipping charge is fix when I order…

The Amazon web business is so huge that little glitches such as this are almost inevitable. I had my sellers account closed for a day because “sellers on Amazon are not allowed to sell alcohol”. :wink:

Only checked woot because I was opening a 2010 from the mystery case … ended up being first sucker. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The 2010 you’re opening is most likely a different wine (Meeks Hilltop Ranch rather than Estate Vineyard).

I can confirm the shipping charges issue was resolved. Thanks!

And thank you Peter for your quick response. Your participation here is always greatly appreciated.

Last Wooter to Woot: nasadirector

Yes, the 2010 Estate Vineyard Zinfandel is an official w00t launch!

Not worried, but thanks for the rapid reply.

Case coming.
I’ll always find room for a case of Wellington.

Any possibility this deal can be extended to VA folks?

My wife and I stopped in a few weeks ago to visit and stock up. We’re going to miss y’all.

:frowning: No love for SC. I’ve always been able to get Wellington in the past, except these last few offers. Is this a permanant thing? I was about to tell a few friends they should hop on this. I’m so sad, I’ll probably need to start hoarding my remaining wellington if I can’t get it any longer.