Wellington Estate Zinfandel Mixed (4)

I refreshed the sale page and said a bad word. Now I have to buy moar wine.

I did the same thing. Then I realized I’ve got 4 bottles of each vintage already. Phew.
Not that that would stop somebody like Sparky or Ron…

I bought the Wellington mixed red case a little while back and so far the zins have been our favorites (although the 2010 Cab we had this past weekend with grilled flank steak and then a cheese plate for dessert was pretty darn good). In for one (would be more if I had the space)!

I have had a similar experience. if you are looking for an excellent drink now wine, these are a great choice.

This is getting tough, will power is crumbling…

Sheesh - too many good woots and too much warm weather. :frowning: I can’t even pretend that summer shipping “will be okay, right?” because it hasn’t started yet.

no time like the present! I think that I have seen somewhere from my previous orders that Wellington will delay shipping due to weather concerns in different regions.

Love all the wines that DON’T ship to CT. Wellington needs to get their act together!

The Twisted Oak Cockamamie Syrah Case delivered on 5/8 was in styrofoam fwiw, several other subsequent deliveries were not.

I bought a case of this Zin last time it was offered, it’s delicious!

Where do these ship, am I missing the obvious?

The FAQ says each Wine Woot should have a list of the states it can ship to; where do I find that list in a Wine Woot-off? I looked all over, but I don’t see it.

The quote coolchris posted is at the bottom right of the page when you go into each wine offer

Cannot ship to North Carolina??? Just bought some Wellington this morning. This is wrong!


It’s not Wellington’s fault. Your state happens to charge about the highest licensing fees out of any that allow direct shipping so it’s cost prohibitive for many producers, especially smaller ones.

Indeed, Connecticut is one of the least friendly places for small production wineries to ship to. Just not worth the trouble, in many cases. You have to get a NY or MA wootlegger.