Wellington Meeks Hilltop Ranch Zinfandel (4)

Wellington Meeks Hilltop Ranch Zinfandel 4-Pack
Sold by: Wellington Vineyards
$59.99 $100.00 40% off List Price
2009 Zinfandel, Meeks Hilltop Ranch, Sonoma Valley
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Notice some ch-ch-changes? Payment for Wine now works … different. Go read all about it here.

Peter, glad to have you back! I have enjoyed the Meeks hilltop zin year after year. Anything special or of interest with the 09’?

Why in the world did we decide to change to amazon payments? Does this mean I can now use gift cards? Because that would be the only advantage i can see. It appears the A-Z protection does not even apply here.

It means we get to cozy up with North316.

Let’s see. The FAQ suggests this applies ONLY to wine.woot, not the rest of woot, and that combined shipping no longer applies. My guess is that it’s all about the shipping cost. Or maybe it’s just about shipping, and Amazon/wine.woot is going to start acting as the shipper, rather than having individual wineries under individual licenses. (That might help to shrink the list of “can’t ship to” states.) Or, maybe it’s all about having wine.woot customers in the Amazon daily e-mails system, given that the wine buyers probably spend more.

If they were moving all of woot to the mother ship, I’d think they were worried about security of multiple transaction systems, in the wake of home depot and target hacks. But they’re not, so that’s not it.

(Copied from the blog post discussion about the change.)

I can’t get into the details, but this was done for compliance with new laws, not to appease our glorious overlords.

Well, I say “I can’t get into the details,” but really, I just haven’t checked. It’s boring legal crap, anyways; probably not interesting.

Well I’d be interested. What new laws? I don’t want to link mt Amazon account with my Woot account so it’s unlikely I’ll be buying anything from wine.woot again. I’d like to know why this change is being implemented. So what are these new laws?

Wellington? Autobuy.

PS// I’m willing to go splitskis with someone in the IE/LA/SD area. PM me if interested.

My first sense of a disturbance in the force was an email from the Woot bot. That email essentially outlined the changes with wine.woot. Not believing my eyes, I came back to wine.woot to check things out.

I am…appalled? Am I now forced to link my woot account with an Amazon account? Something I was very carefully and very deliberately avoiding like the plague? I too would be interested in what laws we are referring to. And, it doesn’t look like the list of ship to states has expanded, either.


Autobuy for the 2009 Wellington Zin!!

But I will not use my Amazon account, so I guess it’s like being in a no ship state without a wootlegger. :frowning:

So just as a test I tried to “buy” this, and this pops up where my address details would normally show up…

“We’re sorry, but there’s a problem processing your payment from this website. Please contact the seller for assistance.”

I tried it a second time, and it worked, but when I tried to add a new payment type, I get …

"We’re sorry!

An error occurred when we tried to process your request. Rest assured, we’re already working on the problem and expect to resolve it shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience."

So yeah, there are bugs. (great wine though!)


Have a look at the discussion for yesterday’s wine. A couple of us experienced similar issues. Then a few minutes before the sale was due to end, a mod announced that it had been sold out. Judging from the reaction of the winery, this was by no means a sellout. I’m still feeling pretty burned by that experience.


Let’s not let feelings about Amazon payments reflect on Peter’s excellent wine!

So, IF you don’t have a problem with the new payment regime, buy this wine and you will be happy!

Get this and then Peter’s 2012 and 2013 wines in the largest quantities you can afford and store, and drink cheerfully for the next 15-20 years! (Whites and zins now-ish and on and on, and the cabs and cab blends starting in a few years when the others run low on out as long as your taste and patience dictate!)

And, don’t forget there will be a woot cellars Tourists’ Reserve in a couple of years that you won’t want to miss!

Yup. Same experience. Wanted to buy and wasn’t allowed to. Bummer.

“We’re sorry, but there’s a problem processing your payment from this website. Please contact the seller for assistance.”

Oh well…

I too am having issues using amazon payments. (On my phone in case method of connection matters). It gives an error on both address selection and payment method as stated before. Additionally the change shipping screen is buggy; the cost of shipping doesn’t show properly there.

So can we no longer group Wine Woot Plus items with Wine Woot?? I buy in bulk… So unless the wines are a hell of a lot cheaper, this is a problem.

It’s true. The wine on the Woot Plus side was forced to end early too… I was just about to buy.