Wellington Meeks Hilltop Ranch Zinfandel (5)

I was starting to think this day could not get any worse, but I was wrong.

Down from day one on more Wellington Zin! The Meek’s tends to need less time in the bottle than the Estate and the 2013 is drinking very well now.

Better bandage up my finger, blister is going to get larger than the hole in my wallet!!

While I can’t member the 2013, this is one of my least favorite of Wellington wines. Whiles it’s still good and a great QPR, I usually drink a bottle over three days. These are usually not great on the third day. Good with food and a nice balance of fruit and leather.

Zin isn’t usually one of my favorite wines, but I just had a bottle of 2010 Wellington Zin over the weekend. It was really good so I just bought 2 of this offer. Looking forward to trying the 2013!

CT: 2013 Wellington Meeks Hilltop Ranch Zinfandel

5 @ $59.99

Is this really wine woot’s final month?

Please make it stop.


I now have close to seven cases of wine on the way to my house.

I need help…

Where can I put all this so my wife won’t see it?
Help me figure that out.

You know it’s a Wellington when the comments section lights up like a Christmas tree.

I love Peter’s zin, always in for a few.

Hmmm…I notice just the opposite with all of Peter’s wines. Tight upon opening and better as the days go by…if it lasts that long!! That’s were my vinturi comes into play. I can’t wait when I pop the cork!!

Double entry

I think the local AA group will hide it for you :slight_smile:

Maybe not the right group. Have a local Wooters group? Hmm, you’d have to trust them…

This one is ready a few years before the estate; I’m not surprised it doesn’t hold up for several days after opening. It never lasts long enough at our house for me to actually know.

The Zin has been my favorite Wellington wine so far. Others have been more interesting but the Zinfandel is just good.

Will the remaining stock of Wellington wines still be sold somewhere other than wine.woot after the shutdown?

Start digging an emergency storm shelter. :wink:

always a fav-o-rite.

Wellington seems to be Woot’s wine of choice, lately. It used to be mine, too. I really hate that Wellington ships to so many fewer states (including mine) than they used to.

No. Next month is.