Wellington Meeks Hilltop Ranch Zinfandel (5)

You are more than welcome to stash it in my cellar buddy. I will charge a fee of 1 bottle per case though… LOL

What’s this talk about wine woot’s final months? Where are we going to get out medication??

I don’t think Peter’s shipping permits will last beyond the end of the year. That’s probably why the ship-to list keeps shrinking for these offers. Selfishly, I’m hoping he will sell any remainder to LA Wine Company or K&L, where I can easily capture the rest of what we want.

Wine woot is shutting down?! Wtf

Edit: not what I said but lol

I suspect that there won’t be a lot left to sell at that point. The question of how much is left was asked a month ago or so, and Peter’s answer was that he was down to less than 10% of the inventory he had when he started selling off. Since then, Wellington offers have been (and I suspect will remain) fairly frequent, so I think it’s a good bet that most of what’s left will be sold off between now and then.

I am right there with ya…I have a small walk in closet that at this time of the year is a great place to hide my stash…now full and this is my xmas hidding place. Xmas…wine…xmas… wine???

if I weren’t on my phone waiting for the subway, I’d paste in a picture of Mr. Burns.

There won’t be much remaining stock. You might find some on a store shelf in NY, NJ, OH, NH, MO, KY or, of course, CA.

NY, you say? Intriguing…


I found some 2013 Mohrhardt Ridge Cab in NE Ohio last month! Not quite at Woot! level pricing but still picked some up.


Where in OH is your wine distributed? I’m in NE OH and have never seen it.

You are so right!!! I try to save a little for the second day and it doesn’t take long to reach the bottom. The only time it lasts longer is when I’m too tired to enjoy. Note: Only one in the house that likes wine, especially WELLINGTON!!

Just more Wellington wine for Xmas!! WHAT BETTER GIFT IS THERE?

I don’t believe it is. Peter retired, sold his winery and vineyards and the 2013 was his last vintages. You my friend are seeing the last of it, so you better buy up before the rest of us get it! Peter is our Wine Hero and Wine.Woot Hall of Famer,IMHO!!!

From Toledo to Cleveland to Cincinnati - statewide. With small production, you will only find it in independent shops and restaurants, no chains.

I find my closet makes a great hiding place… :slight_smile:

Can I assume the same for KY/MO? If so, any hints on where to find the last of the hidden gems? Thanks for all your great work!

I may have been the last Wooter to woot on this deal!

Thanks for the heads up. Sad that in a short while it will come down to this.