Wellington Merlot and Cabernet (4)

First Sucker! I was so disappointed that I missed this early this morning, bet there are quite a few of us that are happy for the second chance.

I give up.
Too much temptation - this is the last order today. I’m turning off the computer!

we heard you!

Wow, there are woot gods! Thanks for hearing us out! Our prayers have been answered! Rejoice!

Purchased on my main account :slight_smile:

hey, now how about that Ty Canton Petite Syrah? :wink:

Haha, seriously, thanks for posting this Wellington again! :slight_smile:

No CT? :frowning:

Woohoo, people read this stuff. Of course why wouldn’t you repost it! All your going to is make some money :wink:

SH InZin again please. I need 5 more!

in for 2. I need as much wellington as I can get!

Lol, a popular vote woot-off! Let’s stack the vote and everyone vote Kronos!

Ah…just what I was hoping for! Thanks guys!

It’s a good one unless your name is Kyle.

I bought this earlier. Just missed out on the Wellington chard though…UGH! Hoping they repost that as well.

that would be an act of god. Cathy has hit the big time i’m afraid… Elvis has left the building.

And it’s all your fault too. You bring the small boutique wineries here, they get popular, and then none of us can afford them anymore. :tongue:
(not that she was really all that small and boutiquish…but still)

Rather new releases

some truth to that.

I think he means Connecticut?