Wellington Merlot and Cabernet (4)



Wellington Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon 4-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $84.00) 29% off List Price
2 2007 Merlot, Sonoma Valley
2 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma County
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Previous offer:

Summer shipping is in effect so don’t worry about your wine.
Every winery needs a separate license from each state which is why your state isn’t listed.


I ordered this same woot several weeks ago

Both choices are very good and they came 2 day air

Wellington is a great Winery


Would you please re-check Ship too states???

Last time this was up you guys made the same mistake. According to the last wooting of Wellington CT was OK to ship too.


wine.woot.off non-wine products…

It’s been mentioned a few times that we’re unlikely to see food items, like Brandini (but come one, bring her on anyway,) because of the hot weather and shipping issues…


  • How about wine flour pasta?
  • Wine brownies?
  • Joe’s dirt?

There are certainly plenty of wine related food items they could put up. And weren’t they selling meat products in a recent woot.plus anyway…

With SOOOOO many non-wine options, why do see the exact same ones during each recent woot.off? How about giving us some variety instead of just offloading your over purchased items…

Back to the wine… Bought this the last time it was offered and haven’t popped a cork on any of them yet :frowning:


Last wooter to woot:bolligra

Bought last time and again this time. Wellington wines vintage 2007 for $15 = great deal!


Agree about the food items, and whatever happened to that excellent balsamic? Haven’t seen it for many moons.


I do enjoy the Wellington. Summer heat might have to be beaten by picking it up at the store instead of delivering it to me.


RPM tour is visiting Wellington tomorrow. Wonder if he’ll give us these kinds of deals while we’re there!


We’ll do our best :wink:


Love Wellington and was so close to pulling the trigger. But the shipping charge is only $5 which leads me to believe that it won’t be shipped via the summer method. So, I stopped the order. If someone has info to the contrary, I’d be in. Otherwise, I don’t want my wine to cook.


Peter is the man. If I wasn’t buying a car in the next two days I would be buying this wine. If this were the White Port, I would be buying regardless of the car situation.

I know it won’t be on Woot, but when I expect to look out for The Duke? I don’t want to miss it and will probably have to buy the White Port with that order.


Frickity frackity explitive explitive. I’m so mad at woot.com website changes. In general, I’m protesting. However, I tried to go in on this because, you know, it’s Wellington.

I get to the page with the big yellow button…I hover over the button with my mouse and it turns the glowing yellow, I push it…not response. I wait patiently…IE windows doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I push it again…nothing. I reload page and push it again…it “takes”. I check “stuff you bought” list…yup, double order. No worries, there’s a ‘cancel this order’ option and it only happened 45 seconds ago. I go to that link, type out my short explanation to the woot gods, hover over the ‘submit request’ green button…NOTHING. I reload page and try again, nothing. I fire up firefox browser…surf to the same cancellation page, type in my request…hit the green button…nothing.

So, 1 - You seem to have a serious bug with your buttons. I’m on Windows 7, I.E. 9 and the latest version of Firefox.

2 - I would really, really like my one order of Wellington juice, please. Please cancel any duplicates.


Summer shipping is only $5 this year due to woot’s all you can ship in a day for 5 bucks deal (often times the upcharge is built into the sales price). Don’t worry about the shipping, and if for some reason something goes wrong, expect a refund, no questions asked.


So tempting, need more cabs, and its wellington, But I already have so much wine, and I’m moving, but still very tempting.




I envy you touristas. So many great wineries, and great people. I just might have to open a bottle of Wellington tomorrow (hey, any excuse is a good excuse).


Not a merlot fan, so i’ll have to pass. Wellington is awesome though


North already covered most of the answers to this.

One other point worth noting - this is why you’ve seen some lesser-quantity offers (e.g. 5 Triacepedis instead of the usual 6) this summer. WineDavid alluded to that fact in a post a couple weeks ago.


The Duke is released each September.