Wellington Mixed Red 6-Pack

I’m not buying for a while… Must remain strong…

I’ve had Wellington shipped to CT before, why the change?

If you guys could come to an agreement on this, it would be less confusing:

and from the order page:

Thank you for your consideration here.

Sorry about that. Unfortunately, this offer can’t be shipped to TN. We fixed the state list.

Been waiting for this for a while. I thought it was going to hit before Xmas, but no matter I’m in for 2!! Sorry TN but NY is in!

Great buy for an everyday wine. FL is in.

I was going to get 3 just for more of the 2009 Cab. Anyone know how the 2011 turned out?

Thought I could stay strong for this woot off, then there came Wellington (always an auto buy).

I’m shocked this is still up!

I’m trying to show restraint… but I want to buy this just for the 2009 Syrah.

I second his question, anyone get to try the 2011 Cab?

Is two business day shipping really currently an option for $10? - it says “Summer”.

Might be worth it for me.

Not sure if anyone else is having issues (may explain why this offer is lasting so long) but, besides that it’s extremely slow processing and using Amazon checkout today, the “place order” button on the checkout screen never came up. I just clicked in the area where it usually would pop up and it worked… just FYI

Not sure the exact answer to your question, but keep in mind that this does not mean you order today and will receive it in two days. It means that once they ship the item, it will be via next-day air. It could still be two or three weeks before the shipping is initiated, regardless if you selected 2-day shipping.

I’ve bought Wellington several times in AZ. Many years ago you could not ship to AZ but that changed a few years ago & we could. Why has it gone back?

Does anyone know if these particular state restrictions are just for this offer? Or do they apply to all of winewoot’s deals? I was considering my first purchase but CT isn’t on the list, which is confusing because I’ve had shipped wine to our address from out of state many times.

Thank you. I know the when it ships is up in the air, I just want it to get across the country quickly. I can’t ship to a business address, and my winter shipping experience from the west coast has sometimes been costly in either time or money (or both).

So glad I checked the site in time to see this offer. I’ve been waiting for some Wellington, in for two!

best QPR on woot. everyone loves these wines, from amateurs to snobs - we can’t stock this quickly enough and the England Crest is our go-to for almost anything savory where you just can’t decide what to pair with the meal. Wellington pairs with everything :slight_smile: