Wellington Mixed Reds (6)

I literally don’t have room for more wine at my place, but if I did, I would get this.

Highly recommend for anyone wanting easy-to-drink purpletooth couchpounder reds. I like these guys.

Pile on this one folks.
Good stuff here and we need to support
Peters’ retirement fund.
I doubled down last time it was up.

Peter, are you matching this for the poor diaspora of NM and other lost states?

Can’t pass this up.

Last wooter to woot:bolligra

would triple down, but for the discrimination against Georgians :frowning:

If you’ve never tried Wellington, now is the time. Wellington’s style of wine is simply wonderful. I do not think I have ever been as in sync with interpretations of such a vast array of varietals with any single label. I have never been disappointed with a single red or white from Wellington and I am happy to see this today.

I simply have too much wine at the moment for this! :frowning:

I haven’t tried the Syrah yet, but with respect to the cab and zin they are exactly what you expect in a $15 a bottle red wine – nothing to write home about. Buy it or pass, you won;t have missed out on anything.

In for one. Always. Just poured the 2009 Syrah on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although, I have started decanting and straining all of Peter’s wines. Just means I can’t open a bottle I don’t intend to finish. Usually, not a problem.

Just got my club shipment from Wellington. But at this price, think I’m going to have to hit the button. Thank god for friends in states that Woot can ship to!

I’m glad you feel this way. More for the rest of us.

I’m so glad I caught this! Loved the last time I got it, so in for 1. Thanks Wellington!

In the past you have said these wines are better with food, but I like to sip when I’m cooking. I find these are great anytime.

E-mail toby@wellingtonvineyards.com

Agree-Had a Zin the other night,and though DW prefers it with food , I can just sit outside with a glass and sip. Would buy more than one,but hoping for a couple other must haves before the day is out

You’re right; the Zin and Cab are more like $25-$30 wines.

edit: I misread the post; I thought it said they were NOT what you’d expect in a $15 wine.

I guess you can have your cake, er wine, and drink it too. I do prefer wines that go well with food because that’s primarily how I consume wine, and that influences my winemaking style. That doesn’t have to mean the wines aren’t enjoyable to sip on their own.

I had the England Crest Syrah a few months back and something was off…green tannins or something like that. However, I have had many Wellingtons that I LOVE! Curious if it was an off bottle? Kyle, I think you mentioned something as well? I want to go in but worried about the Syrah…

I purchased this selection of wines when it was on Woot approximately a month ago. Everyone’s comments led me to believe that this selection would be right up my alley. Unfortunately my husband and I have not enjoyed any of the 3 in the case. There has been an excess of sediment in the bottles and overall I just would not recommend it. To each there own, but I wanted to post something as I find everyone’s comments very helpful with selections that I make.

Wellington makes some good wine. I’m still not touching any of the Victory Reserves I have, therefore I’m in 4 1.

Need some good daily drinkers to hold me over until I can pop open one of the Victory Reserves for a special occasion.