Wellington Mixed Reds (6)

Auto-buy…period…at least for me. Would have gone for two, but the population is decreasing here in Wyoming, and I think I can get by with what I have on hand and maybe just one more…move over Scott…just a little please! :slight_smile:

Just wondering who else noticed the doubling via Photoshop on the item? They pushed an extra one right and two left. The bubbles caught my eye.

Any news on when wine.woot will be shipping to Massachusetts? According to this article I was reading (http://www.winemag.com/August-2014/Massachusetts-Passes-Direct-to-Consumer-Wine-Shipping-Laws/), shipping wine to MA is legal as of the new year. Is this something Woot is exploring? Thanks!

Why yes, yes it is,

This is great stuff, but has the mysterious property of disappearing around my house.

I bought the case deal in Jan/Feb, thought I might put a few back, but none ever made it.

With two adult sons, I don’t hold out much hope for this half case either!

Good eye. We can’t expect them to send us a full 6-pack of wine for photo shoots though.

Just saw someone mention this shirt in the Woot twitter feed alongside this page.

Who or whom am I kidding? Resistance is futile. Whenever I try to exercise restraint, I remember that Peter is retiring, and that I need to stock up.

Last wooter to woot:InFrom
Last purchase:a few seconds ago

Any idea on the rs for the zin? We had SH Inzinerator recently and it was a bit sweet for us.

Would have bought but no VT on this one…Oh well…At least we are getting some offers now…After 2 years…Some is better than none…This appears to be a pretty good deal…,.,

Peter is always an autobuy! Add to the fact that Peter has sold the vineyards and the winery, and it’s “Get 'em before they’re gone for good!”

Haven’t had this vintage of the Meeks Zin, but lots of the 09. Not sweet (I’ve had Inzinerator as well) and good structure, brambles, cherry, etc. Very good zin, one of my favorites. Sounds like you’d like it, as it is a good contrast to the Inzinerator, which I also like, but more as a pizza/fun wine.


Wellington is always an autobuy, and this is a screaming deal at ~$13/bottle shipped. I haven’t yet even put a dent in the mixed case I bought during the last woot off (other than drinking the bottles of the Duke and one of the Merlot–which have all been fabulous), but I’m definitely in.

no shipping to TN truly sucks…

Saw this and assumed I already had bought it (being a Woot off) - but woo hoo - new vintage and I’m in!

Do you still have a call-in number for direct shipment but woot-impared states?

Resistance was futile. Had to pull the trigger

I used to get Wellington shipped to CT but that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore…

Thanks for the feedback. We have 3 bottles of the zin from the mixed case last month but haven’t had a chance to try them.

Ring the register. I’m in!