Wellington Mixed Reds (6)

Just got my mixed case of Wellington yesterday. While not quite up to that in terms of being a deal because no Victory is included in this six pack it is still excellent wine for a more than fair price. Decisions, decisions.

Error message! Everytime!
Yikes…I want one of these!

How are you trying to pay?

The same way I do every time…through Amazon I guess…I sign in ok…just get to the buy one button and the server error message keeps popping up…https://wantone.woot.com/?itemId=c8a6cdb8-cea7-44a0-a0c4-0bf2d4b8177f

If you have any questions I’m here to answer them.

Can’t order via Amazon. Page keeps refreshing when the “place Order” button is shown.

Same problem… I am using the woot app on an iPhone. When the transfer to Amazon happens I get an error message

Same here

Same here the page keeps refreshing

Well crap. I’ve reported it.

I’m getting a similar error. There’s no error message, but after I have logged in and hit the buy button, the “review your order” page keeps refreshing over and over, even if I’m quick on the draw and hit the “place your order” button.

I am on my usual Imac desktop…looks like others are having an issue as well…:frowning:

constant page refresh every 3 seconds; unable to place order

Alas and alack I am out of space. Took 3 each of the last two. When I google the wines, the cheapest is $17. A couple at $30. Not the specials either, have not priced the top two

This is what pops up on my screen when hitting the Buy Now button… https://wantone.woot.com/?itemId=c8a6cdb8-cea7-44a0-a0c4-0bf2d4b8177f

I was able to order fine via the web page in a browser ( Chrome on OSX ).

The “Processing page” never went to confirmation, but it shows in my account under “Stuff I Purchased”.

I missed the last Wellington mixed offer, so glad I was able to get in on this one.

The problem is with Amazon Payments which really sucks on wine.woot. They’re looking into it again.

I’ve got some Wellington reds stacking up. Like your note on the Meeks, are there others of your recent offerings we should make sure to drink sooner than others?

It keeps refreshing! Now that I can’t have it I want it more.