Wellington Mixed Summer Whites (12)

Wellington Mixed Summer Whites Case
$129.99 $̶2̶3̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ 43% off List Price
2010 Chardonnay, Sonoma Valley
2010 Roussanne, Sonoma County
2011 Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma Valley
2012 The Duchess, Sonoma Valley White Wine
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There is still The Duchess left? Wow. We loved this as a summer drinker.

Very tempting combination, and I don’t think I have a single Wellington White at the moment.

Good evening, all. Winegrower / winemaker in the house. If I don’t get to some questions tonight, I’ll be back in the morning.

I shouldn’t, but …

No questions, just “Thankyou”

Brand new vintage - 2012. We changed the blend some this year. We used the old vine whites in the Duchess this year. We started with a mix of Semillon, Muscadelle, Palomino, Monbadon, Sylvaner & ?, then blended Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc and a touch of Rhone variety whites. Production is lower tin 2012 - we didn’t feel the need to “declassify” as much wine. The Duke bottling in early September will be smaller as well, for the same reason.

I am confused. Your web site still lists the 2011 Duchess, with a red addition of “new release!”. Mistake?

I shall have to try this, and then decide if we want to invest in cases. We ended up buying over two cases of last year’s vintage.

The only mistake is slow web updates (actually we have fewer than 10 cases of 2011 Duchess - it will be gone in a week or so and there’s not enough for a w00t).

Stopped by the winery a Thursday , 1-1/2 weeks ago, and left with a bottle of the Duchess. Was on my way to San Diego to see my darling new granddaughter, and only had room in my bag for one bottle.

DW and I enjoyed it very with dinner the next night as we babysat while DD and SIL were out for their first dinner date since the birth.

I didn’t make a lot of notes as I was drinking it - except that I distinctly recall both of us enjoying it immensely. Crisp - nice fruit flavors and very well-balanced. Did not go flat at all as the bottle warmed up - rather more floral notes emerged. And no phenolics came out. We both agreed that it was worth getting again if it appeared.

I don’t recall which vintage it was. But since the gentlemen in Peter’s tasting room indicated that there were not many cases of the Duchess left, I’m guessing that what we had was the some of the last of the 2011. It would be whatever Peter was selling there on the 20th of June.

I don’t need another case of whites, right now, but my SIWBM might crumble if pushed.

Would be very interested in splitting with someone in the Seattle area.

After this week’s heat wave, it’s looking like a long, hot summer. And with no Wellington whites to sustain me, I may as well be in for two!

Wish I could but I can’t. Sad. No room for a case of wine. If this were a repeat of the red case from a while back this would be on its way to my office to supply happy hours.

So join or create a WW Gathering!


It matters why? There is more than one road to happiness. Someone spiritual said that,I think.

Resistance is futile. . . In for 1!

I wish I hadn’t just bought nearly a case of whites in the last week. Because now I don’t have room. Excited by the new duchess and the chard. I don’t like chard but love wellingtons.

Some notes
2010 card from last summer.
Did not try on day 1. These are day 2 notes
Nose and pallate are dominated by green apple, the wine is a very light yellow and is lighter than a typical chard. It has nice acidity but the finish reminds you it is a chard by the nice round mouth feel it leaves you with.

Highly recommended and I typically do not care for this varietal. I really enjoyed the nice light style without all the oak and over extracted fruit. Well done Peter.

My wife really enjoyed last years duchess was so so on the SB and doesn’t typically like roussanne.

Thanks for the nice mix.

I must say that Wellington is one of my must haves from Woot. I have a dear friend that drinks nothing but whites (shudder the thought) and some of these are headed her way. Thanks for offering them.

resistance really is futile. I said I was done for anything but W whites and sparkling.

Hi Peter. Happy as always to see your awesome juice on Wine.Woot! I remain depressed that Virginia is such a PITA now and I have to resort to Wootlegging, but it’s totally worth it for the good stuff! In for a case!!!

BTW…I had dinner with the son of [one of?] your Victory grape supplier(s) out here on the East Coast. We had a great conversation that night! (And some good wine, though not as good as yours.)