Wellington Mixed White Wines (6)

I’d take the Marsanne and Roussanne but already have a lot of this vintage of Chardonnay. Any takers?


In for only one. Showing some modest restraint.

Oh gee…more Wellington



In for 2.

I’ll take the chard.

This will be my second attempt at obtaining some of these delicious Wellington whites. My previous attempt on May 31st got damaged by FedEx and woot customer service still hasn’t sent a replacement set. Now that these are up again I’ll just ask for a refund.

Resistance being futile, I failed to resist.

In for one set.

May be time to convince the wife to buy a wine fridge…

Bummer, 0-3 getting in on the Wellys

Totally got absorbed with kiddo. If/when this offer returns you’ve got a deal!