Wellington Mystery Case Re-Mix

Library from Wellington = amazing
Limited wines from Wellington = amazing

Either way we win :slight_smile:

Now can I justify a second one?? Oy

The Tennessee moonshiners here are delighted to report that this wine cannot cross into the Volunteer State. Guess we’ll be drinking Apple Pie shine over the holidays. . . momma says we’ll go blind but we say we’ll only drink 'til we need glasses.

Just do it! :slight_smile:

Missed out on the first offer this morning… Glad to get in on the second!

As a club member, I’m curious to see if I already have some of this limited wine. I bought a large variety in both the most recent Spring and Fall shipments.

Yep. Same thing happened to me. On the page that says “sorry kid you’re not old enough.” Just below the address and payment method is a date of birth box. It is veryvlikely your woot join date if you’ve never updated it (due to buying booze)

I have NEVER considered buying an unknown case of wine in my life!! BUT this is Peter Wellington Wine folks! I have always ordered Peter’s red since 2006 and have never been disappointed. And I won’t stop buying it now even though I have 100+ Wellington bottles in storage. I was sad to hear that Peter sold his vineyards. He and other dedicated Wine Magicians help make this site what it is today!! THANKS Peter for providing your wine wisdom to us and making us better educated consumers. Now that I’m retired I can start tapping into that liquid gold I have from you. I can’t wait for the surprises that will come my way!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Oh, BTW, I hit that button immediately when I saw the word “Wellington”. Now I’ve got to call friends!

Now I really feeling Bah Humbugish. I would totally be in for 3 but there is no love for Tennessee.

So am I glad I got in on the first or do I need to try justifying another… the last order puts me at 2.5 cases over the last 45 days so room is getting tight even with the expected use over the holidays…

The limited sounds good but I am guessing there will be many repeats (not a bad thing though as Wellington always delivers, think I am talking myself into this).
Wish there was a 6 bottle option - one with the Victory or one with the Limited

I don’t think I ever got a comment before the last sold out. Will this be delivered by Christmas or is there no guarantee?

See I bought the original case, but I wish there was an add on option just for the limited wines never seen on woot

The first one sold out between the time I saw the offer and the time I could have purchased (had to update payment info on Amazon since I just activated a new debit card this morning), and I saw that as the fate telling me that I shouldn’t spend the money. And then I decided in a wistful moment to look at the offer I missed. It’s been a long time since I purchased, and I wouldn’t ordinarily be in for a full case, but this really was too good to pass up. Thank you (or darn you, from my wallet’s perspective) for giving us a second chance!

What the effin’heimer! I bought the mystery case this morning, so I’ll resist this one or my wife will have…words.

Yippee!!! In for 3!!!

Last wooter to wootleg: nathanbsmith

I hope they are good, buying on good faith of the other commentators

I think the add-on is you buy the new offer, and off-load the ones you don’t want on some willing friends. It’s a win-win! :slight_smile:


It’s not that I don’t love you, I simply can’t spend 300 dollars on wine in one day.


Problem is I have an overflow of reds, Gah this is a tough tough decision. When are we thinking this will ship? Because I’m planning on leaving for break around the 21

Yeah, not cost-effective.

Ehh… I may roll the dice soon so I don’t miss out on this one and just pay $10 for the expedited shipping.

Someone did a cut and paste and left in the bit about older wines. Generally, speaking, the limited release bottle will be one of several current vintages (e.g. 2013 Malbec, 2011 Petite Sirah…).