Wellington Old Vines Port (2)

Ahh - what to do? What to do?!

Ahh, what the heck, I love Wellington wines.

Wellington Old Vines Port (2)
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Heck yeah!


No brainer.

Now I need some whites to come up while I’m actually online…work is interfering with my wine purchases!

Had this? Any notes?

I had the '03 a few months ago, but I’m horrible about keeping notes. It was one of the better in my (admittedly limited, but GF considered herself a connoisseur and directed those prior forays) Port experiences.

Holy cr@p, first sucker, after all these years and all those wines… Like their port and have run out.

I’ve had the '03. My notes just say:


Had a 2003 about 1.5 years ago… no detailed notes but seriously delicious port! Full bodied without the syrupy sticky sweetness found in the common ruby ports around, decently complex without overwhelming sweetness.

We enjoyed it so much that when visiting Wellington later in the year I looked in their library selections specifically for this and ended up with two more 2003s.

In for another set now.

Nope. But why would I not buy a wellington port when he has those delicious old vine varietals right on his property and 1 of the bottles is 12 years old. Easy decision!

Thank you enablers!

Have also had the '03, on Christmas day 2013. I recall caramelized cherry, sweet/tart raspberry, ripe plum, raisin, fig, toasted almond, and perfect acidity to offset the fortified sweetness.

Can anyone tell me how long a bottle of port can be kept open after it is opened?

Several days at a bare minimum, several weeks in all likelihood and several months is a possibility!

Several months is an impossibility, at least in my house. Several weeks is extremely unlikely. Maybe if you don’t actually like port…but then, why not just send the bottles to me?

Seriously, between the 500ml size and the deliciousness of the contents, there is basically no chance that this gets a chance to go bad…

Thanks chipgreen and svwindom. I have almost no experience with port but am interested in trying. I’m in!

Well, theoretically speaking… :wink:

Amen to that, in for one!

One of these days, maybe the white port, Peter?