Wellington Random Red 3L Double Mag

Wellington Merlot, Syrah, or Zinfandel 3-Liter Double Magnum - (Random Varietal & Vintage)
$219.99 $420.00 48% off List Price
You will receive (1) 3L Double Magnum bottle from the following varietals and vintages:
1994 Merlot, Sonoma Valley
1995 Merlot, Sonoma Valley
1999 Merlot, Sonoma Valley
2001 Syrah, Reserve, Sonoma Valley
2004 Syrah, Estate Vineyard, Sonoma Valley
1994 Zinfandel, Casa Santinamaria, Sonoma Valley

I know everyone is going to be focused on the victory and the cab, because those are guaranteed fantastic, but this offering is the most interesting to me. The Santimaria vineyard is, IIRC a field blend of a bunch of stuff like petite sirah and other “Zinfandel” offerings on woot from that vineyard have been great.

The syrah of course will be phenomenal.

And peter’s Merlot has always been incredibly well structured.

It will be interesting to see what these are like.

We’ll definitely need to have another gathering.

I would love to try one of those merlots. But i am officially bankrupt after buying the other two offers.


Last wooter to woot: MarkDaSpark

Good work! I got in just before you and couldn’t be happier!!!

I was coming here after finally deciding to jump in, and it’s gone! Oh well…hopefully sparky will share this one with his fellow SoCal wooters.


Last 2 bottles were:

1999 Merlot, Sonoma Valley
1994 Zinfandel, Casa Santinamaria, Sonoma Valley