Wellington Random Victory 3L Double Mag

Wellington Victory Reserve 3-Liter Double Magnum, (Random Vintage)
$279.99 $420.00 33% off List Price
You will receive a Double Magnum (3.0 Liters) of Victory from one of the following vintages:
1997 Victory Reserve, Sonoma County
2001 Victory Reserve, Sonoma County
2004 Victory Reserve, Sonoma County
2005 Victory Reserve, Sonoma County
2006 Victory Reserve, Sonoma County
2007 Victory Reserve, Sonoma County
2008 Victory Reserve, Sonoma County

Even “buy all the Wellington” has its limits…

Wine.Woot going out with a bang.

Looks like Christmas has come early.

So far as i can tell, andyduncan bought 3 of each of these offerings. 27 liters of Wellington goodness, wonder what his plans for these large formats are.

Im guessing he plans to drink them, but I could be wrong.

The gigantic bottle is cool and all but this comes out to $70 a bottle(3 liters equal 4 bottles). Been paying $30 a bottle for Victory, sometimes $35. But the gigantic bottle is cool.

Or a really expensive bath…


These are unique older vintages of Victory in 3L sizes. Not only can you not buy these anywhere, but you will not be able to find some of these vintages of victory that are still within a reasonable drinking window because of the slower aging of wine in larger bottles.

edit: and it looks like there was only about 14 of these bottles in total.

Well, that escalated quickly.

I saw this as well, andyduncan is a hero! I foresee many great gatherings in their future!

On a side note, all three of these offers are a good value and would make exceptional candidates for long term aging. Last year we opened a 1994 Victory from 750ml and it was still very much alive and had several more years of life left, although probably not going to improve anymore. With 3L in a proper cellar with humidity and temperature control, I would be comfortable pushing them to 25 - 30 years past vintage, especially the Victory.

missed the victory offer, got a cab! Sigh, wished I’d seen this sooner and snagged a Victory!

Hey Peter, if I open a bottle and don’t finish it should I throw the whole thing in the freezer or transfer it to six or seven splits?

I must have snagged the last one!

MN peeps–
We’ll have to find a time to open this one up!

Will you let a South Dakota interloper in on the fun?

I waited too long! Needed to add a new CC to stupid Amazon.


Edit: On the plus side, Last wooter to woot for the random reds!

Of course!

Can I store these standing up or must I store them on their sides?