Wellington Roussanne, Sonoma County (4)

Got one of these in my club shipment and been meaning to open it.
From the specs this looks like another quality offering from Peter.

In my experience, his Rousannes always are.

Yup. Good to great year - don’t miss this.

I went in for 2.

Looking at my CT we took down 16 of the 2010 last summer and have only a couple left - perfect timing!

Wellington 2012 Roussanne, Sonoma County 4-Pack $59.99
2012 Wellington Vineyards Roussanne

I had the 09’ and 10’ and enjoyed them both, my wife, not so much. Since I buy the whites for her mostly this is an unfortunate pass.

More for you.
We both enjoyed last time and I’m not a big white drinker,but more so in the sizzling summer,so in for 1

Want very much. Can’t at all.

In for one, but curious if there was no 2011?

We had to harvest the 2011 before it was optimally ripe or we would have lost it all to rot. The wine turned out fine, but was not representative of our style. It became the base for the first vintage of The Duchess.

Ditto. If we weren’t on such an ultra-tight budget right now, there would be some of this on it’s way to us…but it’s just not in the cards.

Any Duke and Duchess coming our way in the not too distant future ? 1/2 case each would be nice :wink:

Had Rousanne in an earlier Wellington offering and it was delightful. If I hadn’t maxed out on the Pedroncelli mixed white offering I would be in on this.

That’s not gonna happen here. They might be part of a mixed offering, but we would lose tons of money if we did a Duke and/or Duchess only offering. You’ll need to order from us directly.

Can do. Been enjoying your wines enough that it’s probably time to join your club anyway. Just the nudge I needed.

Thunder - Could you make the winery images in the winery signatures link to the winery websites?

(Questions I’ve always wondered about wine clubs)

About the Wine Club… What if we aren’t around to receive shipments during the month you plan to ship? can you hold it? can we skip a shipment if needed? Does it get you a gold star if we tour the winery?

In order, no problem (LET US KNOW), yes, yes and no. :wink:



I can give you a gold star for coming in to answer questions. :happy: