Wellington Roussanne, Sonoma County (4)



Wellington 2010 Roussanne, Sonoma County 4-Pack
$64.99 (Normally $112.55) 42% off List Price
2010 Roussanne, Sonoma County
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Previous offer:
5/17/11 (2009)


Yeah Baby! Thank you Peter!


Kyle, you asked and now better be in on this.


Been waiting on this one! Drank the wine club offering and wanted more.
~$95 for four at WC direct pricing. In for two of these.

Peter rocks!


Wow for $17.50 this has gotten a little more pricy.
Previous offers:
2/17/11 2009 for $13.75 shipped
12/1/10 2008 for $16 shipped


Wasn’t it four bottles for $49 last time it was offered? Or am I wrong?


I have purchased many Wellington wines on W00T. Why now is Virginia not on the List of states?

Oh, nevermind.


But still far less than wine club pricing. Eight bottles of this delivered to SoCal is $175, vs. $130 for woot.
Yes, it’s more than it was, and I wish the WC price was less, but Peter and WD do us good.


I’ve heard wonderful things about Peter’s Roussanne so I’m in for a set despite the 30% price increase over the previous vintage.


I am unfamiliar with Roussanne. Is it similar to viognier?


As of 11/4 no more Virginia


From Wikipedia;

“The aroma of Roussanne is often reminiscent of a flowery herbal tea. In warm climates, it produces wines of richness, with flavors of honey and pear, and full body. In cooler climates it is more floral and more delicate, with higher acidity.”


I really appreciate the wine community here. I’m relatively new to wine and am still very clueless about what varieties I like and don’t like, but I learn so much here that I can take to the local liquor store. Maybe someday I’ll know what I love enough to pull the trigger on 4 bottles! Okay, that and I’m not sure I want wine delivered to me at work - start an overnight shift in a week or two and will be home to take deliveries. Just hope they’ll be able to figure out the difference between just woke up and drunk ;).


I have my deliveries sent to the FedEx/Kinko’s store nearest me. They give me a call when the shipment comes in, and I go to the store after work and pick it up. It is easier for me than having wine shipped to my work and having to haul it out to my car. And no one is at home during the day to pick up the wine.

I highly suggest this for those wondering how they’ll pick up their shipments.


GAHHH! I missed it!


And the Wellington mixed case was delivered this AM. DW asked if there was any Roussanne in there…