Wellington Sonoma Valley Chardonnay (6)

I really like peters chard, not much oak, medium bodied and full of fruit. I haven’t had this vintage but I’m sure it’s nice. I think I’ll give it to my dad as a fathers present.

Thanks woot!

Look at Minn and Wisc light up early!
Wallet is getting thin at this point…but have enjoyed his chards in the past. Are the scurrilous rumors true that Peter is leaving the business?

Finally jumped in this woot-off. We’re mostly a red wine house, but need some whites on hand for the summer.

I was told a long time ago that white wine should be drank immediately basically. The longer it sits in the bottle it isn’t getting better. I trust Peter 100% and I just bought 6 bottles, but this is 2011 wine. Does ayone have any insight on this theory?

As with almost everything about wine, it’s more complicated than that. On average, reds last longer, but it’s only a gross generalization. Light fruity wines, whether red, white or rose, don’t improve with age. Good, dry, low(er) pH, “serious” whites need some bottle age to show their best. This wine is better now than it was a year ago, but I wouldn’t hold on to it for more than another year.

We sold the vineyard and winery last year ago, but not the inventory. We’ll be operating our tasting room and selling wine until early 2017.

Sounds great. Can’t wait to have some on a nice summer day.
Thanks Peter!