Wellington Syrah 2 x 2 Pack

Is this a fruit bomb in the face with that nearly 15% alcohol to cover it up a touch before you fall off your woot chair drunk?

Please, stop this woot off. I can’t help myself. Nor can other Idahoans apparently.

Last wooter to woot: silent7seven

Edit: Oh, uhhhpparently the Woot off has expired.

Somebody in Idaho likes it, it must be good.

Peter, how do these compare to the amazing Cuvee R and Reserve from about 2 yrs ago?

Actually, no. Peter Wellington, grower/winemaker here. The EnglandCrest vineyard bottling really needs food to show its best. The acid and tannin levels balance the alcohol. The Estate bottling is the one I would choose if I were just having a glass without dinner. It is more supple, a bit lower in acid and has a softer finish. While there is legal leeway as far as alcohol labeling (+/- 1.0% for wines above 14% abv), the stated alcohols on these bottles is quite accurate.

Hmm, reviews on other wines from this producer are pretty good. Guess the woot-off is over so I can sleep on this one.

Wellington Syrah 2 x 2 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
2 2006 Syrah England Crest Vineyard
2 2006 Syrah Estate Vineyard
CT links above

Winery website

Estate fruit was a significant piece of both the 2002 reserve and the 2003 Cuvee R. The Estate Syrah was part of a w00t in 2008 that also featured Grenache and Noir de Noirs. Previous vintages of EnglandCrest have also been sold on w00t.

Great to see yoi on here straight away, Mr PW! Everybody raves about the Wellington Cabs, being great, complex, long, age-able structured wines.

How do these Syrahs compare in the ageing and tannin department (and overall taste) to the Cabs I wooted six of last year?

Here’s a link to a previous offering Peter talks of above, the 2003 Cuvee R.

EDIT (you’re FAST!) Still like to know about if I can drink these now, how long they will keep, and comparison with the cabs!

Peter, these appear to be pre-release wines - at least as judged by their absence from your website. Is that the case? Or is this a case of them ready to be released and us woot-folk are the beneficiaries? I mostly ask since I’m curious about how ready they are to drink now.

EDIT: I should look more before opening my mouth :slight_smile:

On Wellington’s site the 05’ England Crest goes for $18 and the 05’ Estate Syrah goes for $25. Making the total $86 for the same deal + shipping. Different vintages of course, but its all I got to work with.

The 2006 Estate Syrah is on CT and has several reviews. http://www.cellartracker.com/wine.asp?iWine=558324

However there is no 2006 England crest on CT.

I do love me some Syrah!

mmmmm Noir de Noirs. I would love to see more of that!

I notice AZ is on the ship to list - it’s a first, and I’ll be very excited if it’s true. Please confirm?

Are we sure these are the Sonoma Valley appellation? I don’t see that anywhere in the description. CT has a LOT of Wellington Syrahs listed.

The bottles say they are.

/me bows to SB.

In for tw0 cases. You should be, too…

We are loving our 2002 Syrahs right now, both the “regular” and Reserve versions. I don’t think these will have quite the longevity of our Cabs, but they should be pretty good up to ten years from the vintage date. I’m greedy - I want to make wines that can stand up and improve with age yet are enjoyable in their youth.

Good link: One of the reviews on the CT you posted comes from our very own Cab Franc lover, gcdyersb. Here it is:

Tasted by Cabfrancophile on 12/31/2008 & rated 89 points: Ripe blueberry, clove and light floral aroma on the nose. The 5% Viognier probably lightens this up a bit giving a very nimble quality to the dark fruit. Very balanced palate. Good fruit, but not overdone. A little heat initially, but once fully decanted the finish is very clean. Elegant style, very good stuff especially with food. The tannins are still pretty prominent and this will probably improve with some time in the cellar, plus it was tight before decanting. Definitely needs about an hour right now to hit its stride. Waaaaaay better than most Syrahs that are too extracted and alcoholic. (558 views)

So that’s why they come in 2-packs.

Ah, right you are!

Bummer I didn’t know about Wellington last week when I was driving through Glen/Wood!