Wellington Syrah 2 x 2 Pack

Not to mention, if it’s self-imposed then you are the only one with the power to decide when it’s over! This offer got me off such silly notions of WBM’s last time around. Maybe I should taste one…

I can’t! SWMBO had Lasik, and now I’m paying for her to take the bar and a bar prep. course. It must stand. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

If nominated it will refuse to run and if elected it will refuse to serve. We’re almost sold out at the tasting room.

And good $*#@ it is! We are a lucky bunch to have you hanging around dropping both deals and knowledge!
Any chance of having some of your delicious Marsanne and Roussanne any time soon, or are you going to force me to find a sitter for our 2 year old and come pay you a visit?

Very good point. Both of these wines (especially the EnglandCrest) will benefit significantly from decanting.

Never met a Wellington Woot I didn’t like.
Good sales, Peter!

My 19 y.o. daughter will be home from college in two and a half weeks, is desperate to earn $, and is an outstanding babysitter. :wink:

Now THERE’s winemaker service…providing a babysitter so that the parents can partake of the fun of the tasting room. :slight_smile:

I got this the last time it was up, and have only opened one bottle of the EnglandCrest so far. It certainly lives up to its description - dark, deep, blueberry-licious, but it won’t knock you down if you’re eating it with dinner. Er, drinking it. Highly recommended.

And if I didn’t already have 44 bottles of Wellington in my cellar, and having just received this same set two weeks ago…my wallet is thankful.

Selling wine, dispensing knowledge and finding work for his daughter. Great multi-tasking.

Will either of these compete against the 2003 Cuvee R? That is likely the best Syrah I have ever had.

Rats rats RATS!!! I tried so hard to be good during this Woot Off, and then I saw the Wellington come up… I am like putty in their hands!!!

Not sure how the wife would feel about me having a 19 year old college woman I met on the internet come and watch our son, but your offer is truly appreciated!
The wife and I have decided we aren’t making plans to go to Napa or Sonoma anymore because the last three times we have, one of us gets sick. We’ll just have to play it by ear and hope the grandparents are available as sitters when we get a free weekend. We’ll bring pictures, it will be much quieter and pleasant for everyone involved than if we brought the little bundle of perpetual motion along.

I thought Scott Harvey was also exempt.

Wellingon Zinfindel ladder was fantastic. Hopefully this’ll be as good. In for 2!

I thought a bottle or two of wine was always good bar prep activity.

Oh wait…different bar. Luckily, after she takes it she should be able to buy you lots of wine :slight_smile:

G-d, I love wine. :smiley: Gosh, I love Wine.woot


(I didn’t make that my avatar, but oddly, it fits. Thanks Woot!)

Fingers crossed as tightly as humanly possible. Trust me.

Why wait? Where do you think all my student loan money is going? :tongue:

And if I knew I’d be ratting, I would’ve taken notes! But then, where’s the fun in that - sometimes wine is just for drinking, not analyzing.

Wellingtion is normally an automatic buy for me, but as I haven’t opened the last lot yet (self control) and that I have bought 15 bottles of other stuff today (no self control) I need to pass.

Wonder if they will reissue any of the older Woot Cellars? (pls…)