Wellington Syrah 2 x 2 Pack

Meh, just chuck a Wellington in the freezer for a little bit.

Yes! Pillitteri Estates Cab Franc Icewine would more than make my day. As would any non-Vidal icewine from Niagara.

While we’re adding to the wish list (WD, you keeping track?), how’s about some Niagara VQA Baco Noir/Cabernet Franc/Gewurztraminer/Pinot Noir? Pillitteri Estates, Stonechurch Vineyards, Harbour Estates Winery, Rief Winery are all old Niagara region favourites.

Y’all are killin me here…

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tempted, but I have plenty of red on the way.



This is the first I have seen my avatar…ROFL!

Woo! Massive hack to the supply! Victory is at hand!

I clicked it twice. DAMMIT! This site is killing my wallet and my liver.

Done and done! Enjoying the England Crest right now!

I know, but I had to try one. Now that I’ve tried one, my other Wellingtons will go into hibernation. I enjoyed its current character, though I suspect it’s in the transition from youthful fruit to bottle esters.

Looks like I am late to the party on this woot off.

It seems the only thing that will cause me to break my SIWBM will be some X Winery considering I just bought a case of Mumm Brut Rose for $100…

I will also say I have yet to have a bad one from Wellington. I have bought ~30+ Various bottles over the past few years. This is the only one I have not tried yet. It is very tempting, but I still have a number of I am saving.

Hoping Woot list the 05 Three Rivers CAb this Woot off. (doubt it, but can always hope)

I love the Wellington Victory variety as well.

Pairs well with bacon. Yes, I’m having wine and bacon for dinner. I rock!

I had a few of the 2006 on the last go around and I was quite happy with them.

Actually they were the best thing I have gotten on wine woot. I loved the Syrah and the noir de noires.

God… I just cracked open my first bottle of Englandcrest and love it. The thing evolved for the 90 minutes I had it open from dark fruit (black cherry, plum, white pepper) to barnyard, earthy deliciousness.