Wellington Unique Mixed Reds (4)

Wellington Vineyards Unique Mixed Reds 4-Pack
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2013 Cabernet Franc, Baron Vineyard, Sonoma County
2013 Malbec, Sonoma County
2013 Petite Verdot, Sarlo Vineyard, Sonoma County
2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma County

Sometimes I wonder if Mill has this rigged. Anyway, almost first sucker I guess :wink:

Wellington Unique Mixed Reds (4)
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Would have preferred 2 of the PV or something, since we have quite a few of the Cab, but looking forward to the “other” reds.

Just what I need…more Wellington to bleed my wallet dry! Only question is 2 or 3…

Are any of these amongst the components we used to create the Revelry during the 2014 rpm tour?

Yes sir, precisely.

Just looked it’s Wellington…

Last Wooter to Woot:

Who put the e in my Petit Verdot? Are you trying to emasculate the French language? (Actually, I’d be fine with getting rid of gender related words altogether, even in English.)

Buy what little is left of the Wellington!

Peter’s “common” varietals are outstanding and that’s certainly no secret here on Woot. I think it’s a safe bet that these “unique” reds will be just as outstanding and I’m looking forward to trying them. If you can manage, buy two (if not 3) sets. One set to enjoy in the near future and another to enjoy later down the road once they’ve had time to develop in the bottle.

Wellington, IH and TO.
The trifecta.

In for a case, with this personality…

The Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot were aged in one to four year old French oak barrels. The deliberate omission of new oak was in order to emphasize varietal character. The Malbec did get some new oak. I would use more oak if I were attempting to mass market these wines (100-170 cases of each).

Peter, could you please provide your take on the aging potential of each of these? Thanks!

Please read the description on the main page. I tasted all three of these wines the same day last week and wrote notes. Short answer: Cab sauv. & Malbec -5 years plus, Cab Franc & Petit Verdot - 8 plus.

I was wondering the same thing! :slight_smile:
Also…well played.

Did you ever bottle a varietal Alicante Bouschet? Many years ago my wife and I enjoyed quite a few bottles of one from California (I think maybe from Papagni), but I haven’t seen any where I shop (north burbs of Chicago) for a long time.

I have yet to open any from my 6’er from a while ago. Can’t wait though.

Noir de noirs

Sigh. I love wellington. My wife needs some whites so I’m just going to order some more reds.

Very excited about the PV…

We did bottle an Alicante almost every year from 1990 through 2013; we had a sort of cult following for it.