Wellington Unique Mixed Reds (4)

Well, that was a no brainer. Thanks for taking my money, Woot!

In! Yay! While waiting for a 4:40 movie to start. Friday off ftw!

The 2012 Cabernet Franc was a great choice for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.

If the 2013 Victory shows up, my obituary will be in the local Sunday paper!!! Best modify my Will tomorrow!!

In for a set. My stash of wine is seriously like 80% Wellington right now.

tell your friends about this one (and a few to come).

If anybody in the area wants to send an extra Malbec or two my way, just let me know. I’ve got the others and need to save $ for the other offers that are sure to come!

Happy Holidays, indeed!

Not even playin around. In for 3. Almost pulled the trigger on 6. Peter/woot, if there is any left at the end of the day, I’ll take it all.

This has been a painful day.
Good thing I’m at work.

Grabbed a set. Fun offer on wines that used to be club exclusives.

Good News/Bad News WI is off the list

Looks like I’ll have to hide behind all my boxes of wine with the lights off so the wife can’t find me! Better take a pillow along with my cell phone charger. I may be there a while!! Thanks to WD and Peter for making this Black Friday very memorable!!!

These are superb. Bought a few last time they were up. Not missing the opportunity to buy more today!


Mine too. At minimum.

So true. I used to get so excited to see Wellington but now it’s a cruel, depressing tease.

In like Flynn.

Hope I don’t have to return the two cases I bought earlier this year

We fell off a couple of offerings ago. It’s been horrible, watching these come up and not being able to grab 'em.

I used to dread the day Peter ran out of inventory, but now I’m sort of looking forward to it. Selfishly. For the rest of you, I hope it keeps going for a while.