Wellington Victory Random (3) w/T-Shirt

Wellington Vineyards Random Victory Reserve 3-Pack with ‘Farewell Wine.Woot’ T-Shirt
Sold by: Wellington Vineyards
You will receive three bottles of Victory Reserve; possible vintages: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, or 2013. You will likely get three different vintages, but this is not guaranteed.
2007 Wellington Victory Reserve
2008 Wellington Victory Reserve
2009 Wellington Victory Reserve
2012 Wellington Victory Reserve
2013 Wellington Victory Reserve

Well this is it, the final day.
At first I was sad but as we all know things change, sometimes for the better.
Thankful that the site and forums will live on as gourmet and happy for the new wine site. Hope it will be as successful as this was. See everybody over there!
Will still be here as well, mostly in the sub forums.

Oh and in for 1. Have to have that shirt!

So that’s it then. Out with a whimper.

OK, I was first sucker, and then it went away.

Thanks for all your hard work! :slight_smile:

Congrats, 1st Sucker! Err, now it says rj was first…

I think there were a number of us waiting on this. I wasn’t first, but I saw was close.

Up to 6? Wow. More Victory left then I would have thought.


Sorry about that.

Wondering, is it one shirt per order?

Selling so fast I didn’t even see my name flash by but the name I am really looking for is kaolis. :tongue:

I want the shirt but can’t afford the price.

Hip hip hooray, Cesare!

Yes! I guessed correctly (one of the guesses)!

In for a case…2 shirts each for me and molarchae. Oy…hard on the credit cards.

A 3-pack of Victory for $74.99 is a whimper? Seriously?

Me too! Cmon man just do it. Of any Wellington try first this is the best one.

Dude, thank you for taking the brunt all these years of making those first posts. We are all super thankful. See you over at casemates (and still here for some other stuff, I’m sure)!

Edit: also, I hope to see you on your home turf again one of these days. We fly from EWR now, which makes it harder, since United left JFK.

You’ve done us all proud Cesare!

In for 1 set (for my t-shirt) and then we’ll be in for at least 1 more (for her t-shirt). Fitting that it is Wellington, since that was where I first had a barrel tasting, where we first went together to Napa/Sonoma (my first trip) and of course the epic RPM tour and the day of Revelry (in more ways than 1). Thanks for the memories Wine Woot,
Wine David (and Peter and Scott and Jana) and all!

Maybe we’ll get lucky and get some 2007 and 2008 since those are the years we’re missing in our Victory collection too.


Dangit. Bank account resisted. But I showed it who’s boss.