Wellington Victory Reserve Magnum, Random

Wellington Victory Reserve 1.5-Liter Magnum, Random Vintage
$109.99 $170.00 35% off List Price
You will receive a magnum of Victory from one of the following vintages: 1991, 1994, 1997, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

Don’t judge me, judge the wine.
It’s that good!

Thanks Peter, make 'em good bottles/vintages, mind you, not that any are bad…

'94 and '97 would be nice, don’t have those; and an '01 would be lovely.

And greetings to Toby.

We have a mag of 01 and 05 - 09. I’d be in for 3 easily but it’s so hot and the wines ship to Denver via standard FedEx truck from St. Louis…

We opened a 750 of the '94 and '97 last year and was very impressed with the 1994! The '97 was interesting but we felt it was over the hill but I’d have no hesitation on the 94!

Im a little jealous. Traveling and the wife’s bday coming up has cut me short on wine funds. I really do wish I never traveled and used the money to buy as much as rj.

Are you kidding me?
It’s been 10 minutes and only me.
Buy these, all of these; you won’t be disappointed. These are all classic Wellington bottles, and mags keep nearly forever.

Have a party and share the goodness.

I just worry about opening one in 10 years and finding out it was cooked during shipment.

Harder to drop 100 on one bottle (yes it’s twice as big). I don’t have the proper setting to age my wine for a long period, could I open this with confidence within the next couple years regardless of vintage?

That’s my real world concern also. Also, a bit worried about getting the very old (91) or quite new and having to drink it soon or years from now. Hmmmm.

I’d buy but I don’t have proper storage for mags. Otherwise nice deal here.

The description on the sale page stated Peter (I’m guessing) drank a mag of 91 a few weeks ago and it was great. I had a 750 of 94 last year and it was great, so I wouldn’t worry about the bottle not being good. But with standard shipping in effect and temps approaching 100°F…

We did discuss offering vintage choice. I wish there was a selection option. If people have a strong preference (for older or younger at least) maybe we can custom pack.
WineDavid? (I’ll come down and help)

I believe summer shipping is in effect, but I’m not the expert about that.

Hey Peter! Nice to see you on the boards! I’d be very interested in only the older ones. Also like to hear about shipping in the heat too. Man, I am a broken record this evening…

I have always dreaded receiving cooked wine. It has happened in the past a couple of times. Best you can do is look for the signs and or know your fedex routine… Or ship it all to RJs place. I live in the desert, I feel good about having this Wellington order shipped to me(if it was possible to grab)having experience in ordering during summer shipping. On the flip side, I do tend to steer away from summer wine deals.

Which are your favourites? Both for today and short/medium/long term drinking?

Summer shipping has started.

Any idea on quantity available on this offer?

I must be tired, misread the shipping page. Thanks for the correction!

That’s a really tough question. If it was a forced response I’d have to say 1994 and 2006.