Wellington Vineyards 2009 Roussanne Sonoma County - 4 Pack



Wellington Vineyards 2009 Roussanne Sonoma County - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 2009 Roussanne Sonoma County
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oh boy!! wellington!


I just had a bottle last week, but I didn’t take notes! Darn it.

I will say, though, that we really enjoyed it - just like we did the 2008 - and that I’m in for 2. And, volume permitting, may increase it to 3 tomorrow.

P.S. Mom and Sister arrive Friday. The engagement party is Saturday. If this had gone up a month ago, I would’ve bought a full case without hesitation and then twisted someone’s arm at work to get another 4-8 bottles.


drinking window from Peter Wellington himself.
“best over the next year or two”

  • Feb, 2011 -


One on hand, it’s Wellington and it’s a grape I’ve been meaning to try.

On the other hand, my house needs new siding.

OK, enablers, do your thing.


waits on the reds :slight_smile:


My wife and I just finished the case of the 2008. I’m still quite the novice wine drinker, so I’ll do my best at at describing it. It’s got a sweetness to it but not cloying while still feeling crisp. Went well with oven roasted chicken, sushi, pan fried scallops. It was a great Friday night at home wine but I also felt confident bringing a bottle to a friend’s house for dinner.


Wow it’s slow tonight. Is there a Star Trek Marathon on the sci-fi channel or something:)
See y’all in the morning.


Damnit WD. I wasn’t supposed to grab the zin. I just bought a house, you know! And now a well-priced, white Rhone from Wellington?! I love you as if you were an enabling father, but damn you. This is me trying to resist. But, if I can get my zin splitter to split this, I may be in the new (dog) house.

Thanks for the great offer PW!



as a Marsanne-receiver in the mixup with the mixed case, I certainly have no idea what to do here! (duh, I do, but I have to pretend like I feel like I have options!)

btw PW, pleeeeeease put the Sauv Blanc back up here somehow - that was some good stuff!!


+1 for me; makes a great gift for clients


We recieved a bottle of 2009 Roussanne in the most recent Wellington wine club shipment. Although it’s on my uncorking short list, I’ve yet to try it out.


Wellington Vineyards 2009 Roussanne Sonoma County - 4 Pack
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Well…I did it… I have wanted to try the wonderful world of Wellington that I have heard/read so much about since joining WW…and now I have some on the way. I read, read, read…and said I’d wait til this afternoon…but I couldn’t stand it anymore.



Tough call, this. I enjoyed the 2008 Roussanne from a while ago but wasn’t over the moon about it - I prefer the Marsanne from the mixed case mix-up (which is a super butter-bomb replacement for SWMBO as well). I cracked the Roussanne over Thanksgiving dinner with the family, so no notes, but I remember it being very “lees-y,” with that sense of hardened green oak, and very hefty - this ain’t no quaffing white; you’ll need some food to help it along.


I had the Rousanne in an earlier offering, and then received the Marsanne in the mix-up. (Is there a Wellington frequent flyer club?) I have to say, I much preferred the Rousanne.

My description of the Rousanne is that it starts out on your pallet like a heavier Chardonnay, and right when you’re expecting an oak/buttery finish (to perhaps negatively overwhelm you) it grows wings and just…disappears. My partner described it as “this wine starts as a Chardonnay and then ends as a Sauvignon Blanc”. I’m in for a couple of more, because I enjoyed it in the repertoire for food pairings…especially with summer fare.


This wine hasn’t been entered in any competitions. Marketing and promotion budgets are a lot different for wines with 300 case production volume than for wines with 300,000 cases production.


Peter, how would you compare this with the 2008, which I had and liked (though I think I prefered the Marsanne between the two)?

Hope all is well!


I would have to say that the two vintages of Roussanne are quite similar. The 2009 may have a little more depth and complexity, not quite as intense in the primary fruit aromas.

Thanks for the thoughts. Things are going well in general, but we seem to be on the path to a very late harvest / crush for the third year in a row. We had late budbreak, and except for a few very warm days the first week of May it has been much cooler than typical. I was up during the wee hours for frost protection quite a few times in April, and had to turn on the system just this last Friday - by almost two weeks the latest frost threat in the last 30 years. We’ve had rain the last couple of days and daytime high temps have been high 50s to low 60s. It may hit 70 on Wednesday, but then drop again. Fortunately, considering the crappy weather, bloom hasn’t started yet. I’ve already told my crew we won’t start harvest before mid September, and it may very well be the end of September unless it gets into at least the 80s within the next 10 days and stays there. I sure hope we aren’t experiencing a new “normal” weather pattern.

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Good morning Peter! I’m a huge fan of all your wines, and just enjoyed your Woot Cellars D’ontspille last night with dinner.
I know you grow many of the grapes for your wines, and you also purchase grapes as needed. Did you grow these or are they from another vineyard?
I am guessing they were from another vineyard as the bottle is not labeled “Estate”?
Can you talk a bit about the vineyard these are from (location, weather, soil, etc)?