Wellington Vineyards Chardonnay (12)

Wellington Vineyards Chardonnay 12-Pack Case
$99.99 $276.00 64% off List Price
2013 Wellington Chardonnay, Sonoma Valley

Any socal folks want to split the case?

I’m looking at the 2 cases of iron horse that showed up 2 weeks, ago, and wishing I still needed chard…

good idea - anyone in Houston want to split the case?

Its a solid everyday drinker, that can last a few years (not a problem, since it won’t last past next summer). For about $8/bottle delivered. Can you say “QPR!”??

The Wellington Chards are extremely popular at our place. Glad to have these available. Nice nose, with beautiful flavor blend!

Crazy good QPR. Buy Buy Buy!


crazy good deal here.

Hell yeah!

Agreed. Even with picking up some Iron Horse chard yesterday, this is a deal I can’t pass up. It’s worth making arrangements with a wootlegger for!

What is the meaning of “nervosity” in regards to wine?

Interested in level of sweetness… any RS numbers available?

Done! found a split.

Would anyone like to split in the Southern Nevada area? PM me, ugh. I thought I was done with with wine stuff.

Seriously?? A case of Wellington anything for less than $100?? Buy Mortimer buy!!

This stuff is a deal! You may need to drink it soon but it’ll go down so so easy. Bright, just a touch of sweet, buttery, crisp. Yum!

Also great in a risotto, veal stew, or seafood anything!

Vibrant. Edgy.

Is the Roussanne/Marsanne all gone, or is there chance we’ll see it again before WW goes gentle into that good night?