Wellington Vineyards Chardonnay (12)

Wellington Vineyards Chardonnay 12-Pack Case
$99.99 $276.00 64% off List Price
2013 Wellington Chardonnay, Sonoma Valley

We added to our Wellingtons with the last offer for this.

This is a deal that cannot be beat. Peter makes an excellent Chard, and this price, the QPR is Well(ington) off the scale.

Love the nose and linger of this!

Drinking this stuff right now. I don’t drink whites, yet I’m drinking a white. Says something.

Wellington USED to ship to my state, and the first couple cases I was all oh, sure, whatever… but come on.

Anyone in Southern/western Mass want to wootleg this for me?

How about a case of Wellington cabs!

Mine got delivered today.
Surprised this is still around in any quantity.

this is such a good deal!

I give up, in for a case. How long will this last for again? I need to pace myself between this and the Iron Horse Chard.

Hi Peter …can you tell us how long this Chardonnay will keep in cellar?

I think mine got delivered today too…except at my Wootlegger’s home in Colorado. I …who lives in Wyoming… just gotta hope she is a good girl between now and when she comes up for a visit. She also has about 3-4 cases of various Welly offers she hasn’t delivered yet…I’ve kinda lost track of exactly how much and of what. Which makes it all sort of exciting again…Kinda like Christmas? …I just hope this isn’t the beginning of a pattern…

I’m far from an expert, but I’ve had a few Wellington chards 14 years past vintage and they were not bad. Very interesting, although past peak but still had some fruit! I have no reservations holding these for 5+ years but I doubt they will develop any further. YMMV though!

Any socal splits? Dont need 12 especially chardonnay! But it is Peter after all

Grabbed a case without even thinking about it. At $8.33/bottle how could you not? Seriously thinking about grabbing another, and we don’t typically drink that much Chardonnay! But when we do, we really like Peter’s.

It’d be fantastic, as always, if it shipped to more states. Ah, well, just grapes under the barrel at this point.

That was about 5 hours ago. You missed out on it as did I.

Holy crap, I just checked purchases; 13 cases since November 1st, and it’s not even the middle of December yet. Gulp.

Just picked up a case of this yesterday or I’d be all over this.

Said I was done with the mystery case, and then bought this.

Last Wooter to Woot:

I’m not a Chardonnay drinker but it’s Wellington and I have a new patio,outdoor kitchen that will be in use when spring arrives. Always nice to have some whites available as 99% of my cellar is red.