Wellington Vineyards Chardonnay (6)

It’s Wellington, and well done Chard.
Of course I’m buying.
Aren’t you?

Wellington Vineyards Chardonnay 6-Pack
$69.99 $156.00 55% off List Price
2012 Wellington Vineyards Chardonnay, Sonoma Valley

I thought I had provided wine info about the 2012 Chardonnay in a prior woot, but not much under the specs tab.

In brief, 3 vineyards with very different terroir, 7 clones, 25% cold stainless fermented with no ML, 75% barrel fermented in French oak (approx. 20% new oak). Most of the barrel fermented portion was sur-lie aged for 8-9 months and completed malolactic fermentation.
As with most of our wines, I aim for balance and completeness, food affinity and flavor (aroma) interest and intensity. To that end: smooth but not sweet, fresh but not bracingly tart, and a judicious amount of oak.

At peak drinkability this year, and the last time this wine will be available on w00t.

Mr. Wellington, we will miss both your wine and having a wine maker who is willing to stop by and educate us! I don’t even much care for Chardonnay but am thinking about picking some up, just to try your take on it.

In for a set. I can’t believe I’ve never had your Chardonnay in my cellar!

And…once again…no Wyoming…:frowning:

A quick reminder to Wellington to get a license from Connecticut politicians so that I could order it next time :). Ah well… I liked this Chardonnay

I second that Connecticut license, was looking back and the last time I was able to buy Wellington through Woot was back in 2009.

I really really REALLY hope that this isn’t Wellington’s last woot.


Yeah - but it’s sadly not likely to happen. I have enjoyed all of the Wellington wines I got earlier. Too bad this one will pass by too.

Thanks for all Peter. What’s the outlook for seeing some of your '13 here again?

Offers like this are why I need to get out of South Dakota and into a state that allows its residents to enjoy the good things in life, like Wellington wines.

Of course I’m in on this one!

Quite possible - it’s up to WineDavid.

Ahhh, so at least you do still ~have~ some.

Thanks Peter, love your whites.
Bring on the Marsanne and Roussanne as well!
Summer is coming…

Peter’s Chardonnays are good as a rule, 2012 was an outstanding year. This is an rpm AUTOBUY!!

When said “a judicious amount of oak”, just wondering to what degree.
People say the “typical CA Chards” and wondering if this is like that or backed off a bit.
We tend to lean towards Burgundian style - so wondering how close.