Wellington Vineyards Dessert Wine Trio

Wellington Vineyards Dessert Wine Trio
$59.99 $113.00 47% off List Price
Wellington Old Vines White Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml
2009 Wellington Old Vines Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml
Wellington Criolla Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml
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Oh if only I weren’t going to be out of town for a month.

The white port is awesome. In for one now, maybe more tomorrow.

Last wooter to woot:bolligra

Good evening / good morning.
I’ll be around for a while now to answer any questions, and I’ll check in periodically tomorrow.

btw: These are all new vintages / batches. The tasting notes were written Tuesday describing what the wines are like right now.

Damn you WD, but thank you Peter.

They’re small, I can find room.
Three it is!

this is a fun Wellington offer.

sigh… the poorness continues.

They aren’t all fun offers? :wink:

In for 2! :happy:

How is the leftover white port stored year after between blendings?

After assembling a bottling blend we top any partial barrels with younger wine.

I do LOVE some Wellington Port. I still have a few bottles of the Criolla that I bought way back in '04 or '05. My cellar is just about full, but this will be hard to resist. But now that I think about it, it is the WINE cellar that is full. The PORT cellar (that doesn’t officially exist yet) is more or less empty :wink:

Picked up one of the port trios last time and this time can’t ship to AZ. /sadpanda

I’ve had some white ports recently that just didn’t do it for me…however…let’s do the math.
Wellington = Autobuy
And this offer sounds AMAZING. Thank you Peter.

Any chance to get CT on the list of states at some point? Thanks!

Ughhh, not a fan of desert wines, but that may be due to not getting one from a stellar wine maker. This may be one of those evenings (if not sold out) I say to myself “but it’s Wellington!” And I’ve never not bought at least one of Peters offerings. I’ve only tried local (Ohio) desert wines.

I’m poor. I’m already having a party this month to help make room for the 3 cases that are sitting in the kitchen and have no home.

Both of these problems are partially Peter’s fault.

But I’m still buying this.


Hey, Peter, any chance you’ll be ship-to-VT eligible again?

In a lot of ports they use brandy to stop fermentation, is this your practices as well? And why brandy?

Molarchae and I are in for a couple sets! Just got to our Jerusalem hotel and this is a great way to start the honeymoon. Hope this doesn’t ship next week, though, since we’re out of town.