Wellington Vineyards Dessert Wine Trio

Wellington Vineyards Dessert Wine Trio
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NV Wellington Old Vines White Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml
2009 Wellington Old Vines Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml
NV Wellington Criolla Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml

So Peter…if I can find a few of my closest friends and we chip in the $450 for the first year license, can you please ship me some wine here in Tennessee? I haven’t been able to order since I left North Carolina, and it’s making me sad.

Good evening / Good morning. Winemaker Peter Wellington here. I’ve been making Port for over twenty years, and as with all our other wines I strive for both intense character and seamless balance. I want my wine to have interesting, unique aromas and pleasure inducing mouthfeel and finish.
I’ll be able to answer any questions for a while this evening and again tomorrow, starting about midday.

Yum…we got two sets of this when offered back last July. Are these the same bottlings?

The Criolla might be the subsequent bottling; I’ll need to check tomorrow.

Love your ports although i may need to visit Sonoma to get a couple of pounds of the port chocolates you serve in the tasting room to go with them.

That is indeed an interesting proposition. I might be able to chip in a little myself.

Just when I think it’s safe to look, WineDavid puts up another Wellington auto-buy!

I’d ask Peter how many more times he’s going to tempt us with this ambrosia … but I’m afraid I won’t have the room!

You just can’t go wrong with his ports!

I’m all for it. Currently I use a convoluted system of having my sister order it (as she lives in Florida), where it sits in her wine rack until I can drive down and get it. And there is the “bottle fee” that I’m paying. As in, every time I order some, she keeps at least a bottle…

Hey Sparky. You better invite a bunch of folks over to help make room. I’ll only be selling wine for another year plus, so WD willing I will be here on wine.woot on a pretty regular basis for the duration.

I keep trying, but they keep bringing their own wines!

And I was afraid of that “pretty regular basis” part!

Of course, if I could get RJ to pick up his wines …

My notes on the White Port;
“Apricot, toffee, peach syrup, citrus blossom, clover honey and some heat. Although it showed some signs of age on PnP, it still improved over the 3 days it took to drink it. Delicious!”

I just read the blurbs about the wines on the main page. One thing missing is some sort of list of the varieties used in the vintage (2009) port. It is a field blend, with the main vineyard block dating to 1924 with some grapes from 1892 and 1912 plantings. In very rough order of preponderance in the blend: Carignan, Syrah, Durif (aka Petite Sirah), Zinfandel, Alicante Bouschet, Grenache, Mourvedre, Tempranillo…

If you have any technical (or other) questions about these wines, or about ports in general, fire away.

HOW did you make it last three days?

You have that problem too? How many people are holding wine for him?

What took you so long to drink it? 3 days? Inconceivable!

How many Wooters are in SoCal? :tongue:

I want to emphasize that these are not the syrupy firewater ports that one often encounters. Lots of people who come into our tasting room and say they don’t like port end up really liking ours.

Also, almond bark with the 2009 and beehive cheese with the Criolla - great matches. Now Woot just needs to get some awesome gingerbread up here to pair with the white. Although now that woot mentions it, the white might be a very interesting match for the bark.

I do not think that means

Oops, wrong movie, but it does bring back memories of the silly old days of wines and trollzes.