Wellington Vineyards Dessert Wine Trio

I’ve had the criolla port from last summers offer and it was wonderful.

Surprising that there is so little discussion on a Wellington wine. I have purchased in the past, but have yet to drink it. Thinking I should get more as the better half loves Ports. According to her, you cannot have too many.

I would have to agree. Its pretty hard to beat a port. I got a 2003 wellington port from a mystery box. I drank it. It was awesome. 10/10, would drink again. In for 2.

I’ve bought three of these Dessert Wine Trio’s in the past, but I’m not a huge fan of White Port. If anyone is willing to trade, I’ll be in for more.

Both the white port and criolla have been offered a few times previously but I believe this is the first time the 2010 old vines has been offered. I am tempted but stocked up on the first 2 and not going to push the button just to get the 2010. Hopefully it will be offered again as part of a different package deal.

When I purchased mine, it came with the 2009 Old Vines Estate (Sonoma Valley).

It is tempting to push the button, but we still have those 3 bottles that I bought last time and there is a local winery here that makes splendid red, white, and tawny ports and ice wine.

I have also had old vines (just don’t ask me what year!). I don’t generally care for white wine, but I really did enjoy the white port. I’d be in for some, but I have to relocate for work in the near future and most of my belongings may end up in storage for a few weeks, so the timing is just bad for me. Wellington ports are some of my absolute favorites.