Wellington Vineyards Dessert Wine Trio

Wellington Vineyards Dessert Wine Trio
$54.99 $113.00 51% off List Price
NV Wellington Old Vines White Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml
2009 Wellington Old Vines Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml
NV Wellington Criolla Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml

note improved price here.

If I don’t drink a lot of port (not tipping my hand either way) how long would these cellar? And if varied, which to open first?

Also, once open, do I have to go on a port bender or can I enjoy these over a couple weeks/months?

Peter is in one of the national parks in Utah gallivanting this week.

ports last “forever” .

Five bucks, duly noted!

Here’s the link to the discussion the last time this came around. (It’s the same offer, as far as I can tell.) Useful comments from Peter. These were delicious!

Going to pick up a set now, see what the boss says this evening about getting another.

I am both very sad and very happy these are here. Very sad because I’m out $54. Very happy because I’ve been wanting to try the Wellington port varieties for a long time. Insta-buy.

Do I get a bonus for having lots of 9s in my order number? (58098999) Too bad I wasn’t a thousand later. Or 41901000 later.

The vintage is actually 2010. We kind of put this up in a hurry and didn’t use the most recent port offering as a template. The 2010 will continue to develop for many years; when you drink it is a matter of personal taste. Both the white port and the Criolla are multi year blends that have been aged for several years in barrel (more rapid aging than in bottle) and are intended to be fully mature when bottled. The white is not likely to benefit at all from additional aging, while the Criolla could be held for a few years.

Weeks, yes. Months, no.

Just got back from a wonderful day in Arches N.P. Absolutely spectacular!

I guess it’s time to get rid of that (non-Wellington) bottle of port that I’ve had open for 15 years then.

Ugh, one of those dry no-ship-to states.
Hope you took supplies!

And thanks for this, as always Peter.

Well … Not sure to feel bad or good about my review of the original offering today.

I look at it as a WIN if it indirectly led to an offer for Peter’s ports.

Glad I ordered 3 then, if it’s the 2010!

Wellington, Si! :wink:

In for 1. I love these ports!

Thanks Peter and WD!

We never really drink port…so in for 1 set :slight_smile:

WineDavid - check your Woot mailbox please :slight_smile:

Did I bring supplies? Do I look like I’m still wet behind the ears?

Nice :slight_smile:
molarchae decides how many of these we get. Since it doesn’t look like we have any 2010, probably some of that.
Peter, are there further port vintages?

2010 was our last port vintage.