Wellington Vineyards Estate Zin Vertical (3)

Wellington Vineyards Estate Zinfandel Vertical 3-Pack
$59.99 $108.00 44% off List Price
2008 Wellington Vineyards Estate Zinfandel
2009 Wellington Vineyards Estate Zinfandel
2010 Wellington Vineyards Estate Zinfandel
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I have no room, so in for one :smiley:

Really nice offer.
In for one and got to use my coupon code. Woot!

Good evening / good morning. I’ll be around for a while tonight, then check back tomorrow as well for any questions, even including aging and can you ship to _____?

I’ve been making wine from this site for 25 years and it always has a place close to my heart. (It doesn’t hurt that it’s always one of my favorites in any vintage.)

What, no Arizona on the ship to list? I have bought lots of Wellington before. Not liking this, not liking this at all.

In for three. Took only around two minutes this time.
And I’ve got some extra '08 if SoCal is interested.

TT, deets coming atcha; check email.

Thanks Peter.
You are a true, if somewhat expensive, friend.
Hi to Toby and the gang.

State laws and licensing vary. We don’t have licenses for some of the states that w00t has traditionally included. On the other hand, we do have licenses in some states not listed here. We’ll be happy to match this offer for residents of those w00t unlucky states.

I’m sure they’re all fantastic, but I’m curious which one is Peter’s favorite, and why?

I see that the spec for ancient vine age seems to increase by exactly one year every vintage. Who woulda thunk it?

In the long run, the 2010 will be my favorite. The 2009 is the best right now.


shh. don’t tell my husband. he says we have too much wine.

Too much wine. Might have to go in for 2 anyway. Sigh. We’ll see…not sure I can leave this until morning for the east coasters to snap it all up.

Edit: yup, in for two. Thanks Peter!

Mmmmmm, just ordered some, can’t wait to have with my 24hr marinated flank steak.

Thanks for putting this on woot.


Wellington Zin! While all of Peter’s wines are very, very good, and I very much appreciate his Cabs and his Victory Bordeaux blend, his Zinfandels are perhaps his most Sonoman, most classic California wines. Which makes offers like this, more than just an auto-buy, but a “to the limit” auto-buy.

I don’t specific notes on these wines, but I’ve had multiple bottles of both the 2008 and 2009 and thoroughly enjoyed them as excellent, well-made Zinfandel - perfect for Salmon on the grill and all kinds of wonderful hearty foods I associate with Sonoma County.

Buy this. Buy three. Gift three. You won’t have many more chances to buy Peter’s wines. Take all of them!

Good morning Peter,

Love your wines.

Could you compare/contrast this bottling with your Meeks Hilltop Ranch?


I’ve never been disappointed with a bottle of Wellington, so this is an auto buy for me. I’m in for two!

What he said!

In for 3 sets. I’ll let hubby buy more! :tongue:

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Cosign. Wellington tends to be my “house wine” in that there’s more of his bottles on my rack than anything else. Still, Victory and his Zins are my favorites.

Since I haven’t yet unpacked my 8 bottles of 2009, I only went in for 2 sets.

Hey Peter…it looks like you’re suggesting the 2009 we should drink now rather than hold for a long time on those bottles. Is that your recommendation on the Meeks 2009s as well? Will you please compare the Meeks (bought last month) to the Estate?