Wellington Vineyards Mixed Ports (4)

Got my set! Although it’s mostly for molarchae…

Wellington Vineyards Mixed Port 4-Pack
$59.99 $160.00 63% off List Price
Wellington Old Vines White Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml
Wellington Criolla Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml

Mostly? :happy:

Happy wife, happy life!

Surprised I beat you to the Woot LH Zin!

We’ve got 11 remaining of the Vinitwo. We decided our $ will be better spent on other last-chance wines from here.

I thought this stuff was long gone, sold out from Peter months ago.
Stocked up with a full load here.

A deal like this makes me wish I drank port.

Does your kid really need to go to college? :wink:

Should I sit on these for a while or are they ready to open and drink?

I don’t know if I like desert wines. Should I start here or the wine store. Hmm… I have had Madeira once or twice and enjoyed that in a small amount. What would I expect from these or perhaps the late harvest zin also offered?

Whichever you do, better do it quick! Not a whole lot of time left to grab these.

Fwiw, I think the woot cellars late harvest zin is more approachable for people on the fence about dessert wines.

Ready to go. These wines were both aged extensively in barrel.

Good to know! How long do you think they would reasonably last in a temp and humidity controlled cellar?

Missed the previous port offering, in for one even though we do not really drink ports! Can’t have too much Wellington!

Quite a while. Port is fortified wine.

I really love port, but generally drink only a snifter now and then. Once opened how long does a bottle stay for?

It will keep for several weeks, but it will change during that time. Best within 1-2 weeks.

I’ve had your ports before. My recommendation is to decant it upon opening, and keep it at room temperature. Then again, two weeks is an awfully long time. :-}

I made an account just so I could purchase today’s offering (the mystery wines, 12/1/2017), and then bought one each of the two port offerings (which gives me two white ports, and five of the other).

Here’s hoping I don’t get a Cab Franc (not my favorite grape), or any Chardonnay (ABC Charter member). I’m sad to know that this is probably my last chance, and you are to blame for my making the account to buy.