Wellington Vineyards Mixed Ports (4)

Wellington Vineyards Mixed Port 4-Pack
$59.99 $160.00 63% off List Price
Wellington Old Vines White Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml
Wellington Criolla Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml

The criolla is my favorite of these. But I just bought 12 of them last time they were up haha.

Every time I’m about to click on the buy button I see the item can’t be shipped to Connecticut!

Thank you for no longer having Wisconsin in your ship too list.


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I missed out on Dec 1. I’m hoping there will be another mystery case today. Fingers crossed WD…

end of an era.

Last wooter to woot: smperry

This reminds me that the Wellington port I bought a couple weeks ago is en route to me, along with the mystery case and Wellington mixed reds. I’m staring at my boxes of the Zin, Syrah, Victory and the magnums. I’m going to be in even more trouble if Wellington offers keep showing up. My husband asked if all the boxes that showed up were wine. I said no. One of them is basalmic vinegar.

I’ve got a set of these arriving today to live next to their brethren. Delicious stuff.

Mine arrived just a little while ago. These obviously were sitting on the truck all night as they were SUPER cold. Corks not pushed out, guessing the 19% helped with that. The Laura Michael Zins weren’t cold and arrived on the same truck. Oh well, all good.
Also, the bottles are not as pictured. They are awesomer! These little short stubby fatties instead of the tall skinny 500ml ones. Same shape as a regular wine bottle, just stubbier. Looking forward to trying one out.