Wellington Vineyards Mixed Whites (6)

Wellington Vineyards Mixed Whites 6 Pack
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2 - 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma Valley
2 - 2012 Chardonnay, Sonoma Valley
2 - 2012 Roussanne, Sonoma County


Official Grape Debate sample bottle received, complete with Golden Ticket! :slight_smile:

2013 Wellington Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc
I like all different wines but one of my favorite summer sippers is Sauvignon Blanc. To help you gauge where my palate is at for this variety, my go-to SB is St. Supery. It’s pretty much an in-your-face Grapefruit Bomb for those who haven’t tried it. I prefer California SBs in general but enjoy other SBs as well, including Sancerre and New Zealand styles. I’ve drunk many bottles of Wellington but surprisingly have never had Peter’s SB (other than as a % of “The Duchess”), so I was excited to get this opportunity.
Color: Light Straw
Very light straw color with a hint of gold. Good clarity with clear meniscus and widely spaced slow-running legs. No sediment or tartrate crystals.
Smell: Lemon Curd, Honeysuckle & Grapefruit
Fairly floral nose dominated by lemon curd and honeysuckle. Additional notes led by grapefruit and followed by citrus zest, pineapple and jasmine.
Taste: Meyer Lemon, Grapefruit, Flinty Minerality
Waxy lemon and grapefruit lead the way, with a flinty minerality. Additional notes of gooseberry, peach, pineapple and fresh cut grass. Somehow, this wine manages to have a roundness/softness to it while simultaneously being tart and crisp (“vibrant”, even - am guessing there is elevated acidity). It becomes more complex and more enjoyable as it warms slightly in the glass.
Conclusion: Unique and Enjoyable take on a Summertime Favorite
Peter has incorporated elements of varying styles of Sauv Blanc to create a wonderful, unique SB that stands on its own. Straddling the line between the fuller bodied, more mineral-driven Sancerre SBs and the fruit-forward grapefruit/lemongrass profile found in many New Zealand SBs. In the hands of a less talented winemaker, a wine like this might come off as somewhat disjointed but this is perfectly balanced, of course! It amazes me that Peter works with so many different varieties and does them all so well. Of course I will be adding some of this to my cellar and look forward to savoring the Wellington offers as long as they last…

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**Wellington 2012 Sonoma Valley Chardonnay
AbV: 13.8%

Previous offer (mini) discussion 2015-11-27

Disclaimer: I like what Peter does and he occupies 8.7% (85% red/15% white) of my cellar, more than twice that of any other producer, and followed in order by Scott Harvey/Jana, Pedroncelli, Iron Horse and WineSmith. And of that 15%, substantially more is Marsanne and Roussanne than Chard. Guess I’m a real woot homey, but more in the red than white vein. In the '70’s I liked those oaky/buttery chards that were so in style, but no more for me.

Clear, pale straw. Way more to see here if it’s red, or even pink.

I got tree and tropical fruits, apple, white peach, lychee(?), along with a floral component I couldn’t really identify and a touch of oak. Others thought they got bits of carmel and honey as well.

Entry when at cool cellar temperature seemed to feature the smoother oak/butter components, while remaining quite crisp, but when warmed shifted to favor more mineral/steely aspects with some alcohol sneaking in. It remained nicely balanced at either way and the palate well followed the nose. Others thought they picked up apple/apricot/peach and thought it displayed a bit of sweetness, not with RS, but with it’s fruits and alcohol. One female reported spicy and peppery on subsequent tastes.

Surprisingly long, but still what I’d call medium, with nice complexities. Hints of hazelnut and oak reported by a Frenchman.

Overall thoughts:
A nice Chard, that drinks well as an aperitif or will pair with lighter meals. Tonight it went well with grilled rosemary salmon and marinated shellfish.
Not the most complex, and neither a steely stainless or buttery oak fermentation, but rather a nice balance featuring a bit of both.

Winery list $20, and purchased earlier on woot for $14/btl and a solid but not outstanding QPR at the earlier woot price.

[edit] The Roussanne here absolutely rocks, I’ve got over a case in the cellar!
And a half case of these from that earlier Woot! off.

Specs only for the Roussanne? What about the Chardonnay and the Sauv?

Mill buys whites? Who knew?

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That’s all I have in my resources, but I’ll reach out to the wine team and see if we can get you the rest of the information tomorrow.

Sorry, I thought woot had them from a previous offer. I’m on the road without access to precise numbers, but IIRC, approximately as follows. Chardonnay 13.8 % alc. 3.4+pH, SB 13.2% alc. 3.3pH. The info in the SB write up is, unfortunately, from a previous vintage. This one’s 100% SB from Indian Springs Ranch and Herron Vineyard. 80% scold tainless fermented, 20% barrel.

You’ve got random “Frenchmen” just hanging around waiting to help with tasting notes? Where do I get one of these “Frenchmen”? :tongue:

Sounds like the Chard is produced in a similar style as the SB, incorporating elements of oak/mlf but also crisp/steely. Will be interesting to see the specs if we get them or see what Peter has to say afa oak treatment, etc.

EDIT: I see that Peter has already weighed in…

Oh, the Chardonnay is 75% barrel fermented, 25% (the Carneros portion) cold tank fermented

I got a big kick out of the Roussanne i opened a few nights ago. I didn’t take notes (thats what the second bottle is for) but it was crisp with a very long finish.


Official Grape Debater sample bottle received, complete with WW Golden Ticket! :happy:

2012 Wellington Vineyards Roussanne


Tasted this with the sole inheritor of my vast Wine library and his lovely fiancee. I had hoped to use my new Vineyard Fresh Wine Preserver, but alas … I forgot to bring it. However, that wouldn’t have helped since all 3 of us enjoyed it too much to have any left over! Nom, nom, nom!

Plus, Wellington is an Auto-buy. As you can tell by the First Sucker. Used my Wine Notes app when tasting.

Overall rating is 94 out of 100

Color: Nice golden color. 5 out of 6

Nose: Slight hint of vanilla, more citrus aromas than vanilla. 13 out of 15

Taste: Melon with some lemon. Balanced minerality and acid. Medium body with creaminess. 17 out of 20

Finish: Nice long finish. 9 out of 10

Overall Thoughts:
IIRC, SonomaBouliste said (previous 2012 Roussanne offer here) that this could be good for up to 10 years, but would evolve for 5 or so.

Chances are I may not find out, as my son and his fiancee may raid my stash of this nectar!

I would have gone in for the full 3, but I’m pretty sure I already went in on one or more of the previous offers!

This would pair very nicely with shellfish, sadly, there was an allergy such that we couldn’t try it. But I may try it another time, when they aren’t around!

I suppose I should do a disclaimer too … Peter is #3 on my list, at 5.42% of entered Wine (which is off, since I got lazy on keeping it accurate).

Edit: I should have taken a picture of the wine in the glass, but by the time I remembered, there was none left! Even squeezing the bottle only gave up a drop! :wink:

Same here, #3 in my cellar (115 bottles & 6 pending), so it’s fair to say that I’m a fanboy of Wellington wines! :slight_smile:

I haven’t opened a 2012 Roussanne yet but drank through 3 of my 2010s. Really nice wine, here are my notes from Cellar Tracker;

2010 Wellington Roussanne
“Nose of butter cream and lemon cake with subtle floral nuances and hints of pineapple/grapefruit. Tart entry with creamy, somewhat viscous mouthfeel. Not much fruit on the palate, maybe a little stone fruit and lemon zest. Almond, butterscotch, marzipan and vanilla oak palate with a touch of minerality. Nice acidic backbone with lingering, somewhat bitter-sweet finish. Complex and enjoyable.”

I’m visiting Minneapolis in a few weeks, and was hoping to ship this there as a gift for my parents/me. Can this no longer be shipped to Minnesota? If so I’ll just have it sent to me here in Portland.

No Minnesota?!?! Is that just a glitch?

That would be enough to push me but no Georgia lately-what happened there?

Finally shipping to SC again.

In just a few summers, the joys of Wellington whites will be only a memory. Buy now while you can!

p.s. Peter’s Sauv Blanc is unique and dee-licious!

p.p.s. Yes, I’m another unabashed Wellington fanboy.

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In for 2, don’t know where I will put them yet

Whoopsie, a booboo. Minnesota is a go now. Buy 3!

Update: There were a few errors in the state list so be sure to check it again if you’re confused by something. It’s updated now.