Wellington Vineyards Mixed Zinfandel (4)

Wellington Vineyards Mixed Zinfandel 4-Pack
$54.99 $130.00 58% off List Price
2 2012 Wellington Vineyards Zinfandel, Meeks Hilltop Ranch
2 2012 Wellington Vineyards Estate Zinfandel

In for two. First wine purchase of 2017!

Once again! For what ever reason! No Wyoming…yet I have over two hundred bottles of Welly …How did this happen you may ask? It used to be no problem…it was sent here all the time. Not so much anymore though. I guess I have my share…Oh Welly…

This stuff is so good it’s Zinful!

I am a big Wellington fan, but Connecticut is not on the list again. I know they will respond here to give them a call at number X and they will see what they can do, but anything more than pressing a button on a busy morning is too much trouble for me :(. Ah well…

Vermont is listed again as a ship-to state, but the order process is blocking order to VT.

I’m assuming the typo is on the main page, but hoping someone just forgot to update the checkout filter.

Survey says?

Wellington, it’s a no brainer. In for 3. Thanks for taking my money, Woot!

Booboo on main page. Sorry, dude.

Wellington is usually an “auto buy” but struggling to find any reviews or comments for these 2012 versions? Nada on CellarTracker or other sites? Strange. Any ratings or tasting notes anyone has seen? Don’t “need” any more Zin in the cellar but Peter Wellington is hard to pass on!

Everything I’ve had from Mr. Wellington has been excellent. Auto-buy for sure.

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Haven’t had the Estate, but was a big fan of the 2010 Meeks Hilltop. Opened one of my 2 bottles of the 2011 this weekend and my guests finished it pretty quickly. I managed to snag about half a glass while running around getting dinner ready, so not the best tasting conditions - enjoyable, but not the strong fruity flavors I remembered from the '10. I’m on the fence about this one.

Dammit. I had 4 waiting to pull the trigger. :frowning:

Is this Wellington’s last woot?

Ditto that!! Bah.

Why would this be the last Woot?

In for 3. I have loved the Wellington Zins that I have tried. Actually all Wellington reds that I have tried have been great.

Because he’s been winding down his business since selling the winery. Sooner or later there’ll be nothing left to sell us.

Zinfandel is the favorite red varietal in our house, and Wellington never disappoints. They tend to age better than many Zinfandels.
In for 3!

I’ve got a pretty good stash of Wellington Zin but they’re going to be an auto-buy for me from here on out as I know the opportunity to buy this stuff on woot won’t be around much longer. :frowning:

Brand new releases!