Wellington Vineyards Mystery Case

Wellington Vineyards Mystery Case
$149.99 $342.00 56% off List Price
1 2008 Wellington Victory, signed by Peter Wellington
1 Wellington Vineyards Library Red
10 Wellington Vineyards Random Reds

This is a Wellington Vineyards Mystery Case. You will get one (1) signed bottle of 2008 Victory, one (1) bottle of Wellington Vineyards Library Red, and ten (10) bottles of Wellington Vineyards Random Reds.

Had to get in on this one.

I got “first sucker” haha! I’m sure Peter won’t let me down. This is a fun/interesting offer… Thanks Peter and WD. I’ll make sure to report back with which wonderful wines I receive.

December is expensive when you know WD.
Got room Kelz?

This should be fun, if the random wines are remotely interesting, this will be great!

There will be some Estate wines, some single vineyard Cabernets. The random wines are more than remotely interesting. Even without the Victory or library wine this is a really nice offer.

I love this offer! In for one.

In for two. One for me, one for mom!

I’m in for one! One thing is a guarantee, Peter always has some mighty fine wines!

Completely full storage, but I couldn’t say no to this one. I’ve got a few days to make some room, right? Thanks for the fun and awesome offer, Peter and WD! Genuinely excited for this one.

My last wine.woot purchase was the Roessler Single Vineyard Pinot Noir back in January.

2008 Victory, Library wines and random estate and single vineyard cabs for $12.50 a bottle, this will be tough to resist.

Peter are any of the bottles in the case going to be The Duke?

No Duke this time; all higher priced wines.

If I only had room!

My wife is gunna kill me, but this is one hell of a deal. I was thinking of opening a 2008 victory, as that is"our"year. I like the idea of another one coming in…signed, and age-able for a great future anniversary memento/drinker Thanks Peter!

Peter, can you compare your '06-'08 Victory as they are currently? Which would you drink right now if you had to choose just one?

It has been a long, LONG time since I bought any wine here. In for one, and lighting up NC.

Maybe a bit off topic but who/what is WD.

Also, in for one!

Offers like this are what keep me coming back. I can’t wait to see what we get! Thanks Peter, and best holiday wishes to you and yours!


WD is Wine David.
He’s the ‘one’ that sources all the super deals on great wines.
(AKA… Wine Country Connect & the creator of Wine.W00T)
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