Wellington Vineyards Mystery Case

hmmm can we get a little bit more info? this is pretty sparse to take a flyer on it.

Wellington Vineyards Mystery Case
Sold by: Wellington Vineyards
$139.99 $376.00 63% off List Price

But I LOVE carnitas!!!

you gotta be kidding.
This is Peter you’re talking about.
You should be deciding two or three!

Fingers crossed there’s more than a single bottle of Victory and/or library. In for at least one…question is whether it’s two.

I imagine others will chime in with a list of last year’s mystery case contents. It will be 8 or 9 different wines (two bottles of a couple of the wines). All red , several single vineyard wines. If I said exactly what they are then there would be absolutely no mystery and the name of the offer would be false.

It’s a mixed case of Wellington reds, one bottle of which will be either Victory or a library selection. Average bottle price is $12 shipped. Even if it contained only Duke 14 it would be a bargain. That’s all the convincing I need.

Will be placing my order after I get confirmation of whether my friend from a non-ship state wants me to Wootleg a case for him or not.

Good thing it’s December and my money is already spoken for or I’d be in serious trouble here.

I guess I’m leery of getting multiple bottles of the the Duke. Just wasn’t my style TBH.

Ha, it appears I’m first sucker because no one else could log in! Anyway, a case of Peter’s reds at less than 12 bucks a bottle. Nice score!

First/Last wooter to woot:bolligra

Peter, if my friend from VIrginia calls, could you ship direct to him? Woot can’t do it.

Have you tasted the Duke 14? It’s a different blend than in the past and is very tasty, IMO.

The number of bottles of the Duke = zero

Affirmative, but we’ll need to charge a bit more for shipping; we don’t get the kind of shipping rates that big shippers get.

That’s actually kind of disappointing to me. I tasted the Duke 14 when I was out there a few weeks ago and thought it was better than any of the previous bottlings.

Just got mine to go through. Rolling the dice went in for 2. Peter has never done me wrong. Love his wines

Heh didn’t you say somewhere that you would be working for a 1000 more years? So worry not more money is coming :slight_smile:

What are the chances that Duke 14 will come up as a Woot offer in the near future?

Very slim - it would have to be at a negative profit margin.