Wellington Vineyards Random Zinfandel (6)

Wellington Vineyards Random Zinfandel 6-Pack
$69.99 $144.00 51% off List Price
(6) - Wellington Vineyards Zinfandel, Random Selection
You will receive at least two vintages of each of these wines:
2012 Meeks Hilltop Ranch Zinfandel
2013 Meeks Hilltop Ranch Zinfandel
2011 Estate Zinfandel
2012 Estate Zinfandel
2013 Estate Zinfandel

Nice price on these!
Very tempting…

Buy ALL the Wellington!

I recently had a 2008 Meek’s Hilltop Ranch zin and it was drinking absolutely beautifully.

Unfortuately Fedex managed to damage my last Wellington order of the mixed whites before it could even be delivered :frowning: but I’m hoping to get a replacement set sent (still waiting for woot’s customer service to correct the issue.)

Peter’s wines are a precious commodity, even moreso than before, so I sure hope these ones make it to my house safe and sound.

No Brainier it’s Wellington, nuf-said

Last Wooter to Woot: PLSemenza

Very tempting - I’ve got plenty of 2011 and 2012, but no 2013 of either of these. Need to think on it…

Just opened up a 2009 Meeks Hilltop Ranch. As mentioned in Peter’s notes, a 4-8 year window before opening on these seems about spot on. Wine is really dark/opaque as ink with rim the color of blackberry juice. Medium to light legs. For a 14.9% abv does not come across at all as hot on the nose or palette; first impression is of dark fruit/blueberry and a hint of leather. Mid-palette is just a touch sweet. No length to speak of but that makes it imminently drinkable. The wood comes through after about an hour but not overpowering. I think I detect a touch of Durif, lending profile redolent of Port, but in a good way. Tannins are soft and mild. Sediment is present but not abundant - minimal and very fine. I decanted and tossed only a teaspoon or so after returning to bottle.
For the qpr these are excellent if you hold off on the 2013s til 2020 – but you might want to dip into the 2011s to get a preview :wink:

The Mrs. and I have tapped into some of the '10-'12 vintages, and this is her favorite Wellington varietal that we’ve had (we haven’t cracked any of the Victory yet).

I love the fact that instead of her rolling her eyes at another delivery, she’ll be delighted when I tell her what’s coming.

Even though at this point I think over half of my cellar is Wellington, I’m in for three.

Well, as soon as I get to work I’ll be in for three. I still continually have an issue with the Amazon payment pulling up at home. My antivirus program does not like Amazon’s security key.

Now I’m in for three.

I really think I am buying all the Wellington…not that it is a bad thing.

We’ve been stocking up on the Wellington wines, and it is always a nice surprise to see them popping.
If you already have had Peter’s Zins, you know you have to pick these up. We’ve now got a special Wellington section of the cellar, which is now full, so gonna need to find an annex for these.
These are truly a great value, with obvious tremendous care from the vintner. All lots of the Zin have been top notch. This is a definite ‘buy all Wellington’ alert.

Limit 3? I ordered 3 but want 3 more. Any chance?

Open a second account with a different payment method. That should work. :tongue:

I don’t see any mention of summer shipping. Will these wines be protected from the summer heat?

Any chance there will be any Wellington left this fall? I’m sad that there have been so many deals when it’s too hot out to ship. :frowning:

And yeah, yeah, “Summer shipping” pfffft. Tell that to the hot-to-the-touch bottles I received last year.

I do very much hope I get all 2012s, or 2012s and some 2013s…

This is, of course, an rpmAUTOBUY to the max of your ability to pay. Get 'em while you can!!

Picking one up and would love to visit the winery and meet the people who make such a wonderful wine.

I need to write a script, when Wellington shows up on woot wine, it will automatically buy it

Of course, I’d miss reading the comments (Like the one where it says to setup a 2nd woot account to buy more then 3 half cases) :wink:

Me? In for 3!

Thanks, Peter!

It would have been a lovely visit, I can assure you. Alas, Peter has sold the winery and gone into a well-deserved (but much lamented by his loyal followers) retirement.

Yeah, some of us are incurable enablers.
BTW, of course, you realize that nothing about your autobuying script would prevent your reading the comments. :wink: