Wellington Vineyards Reserve Duo

Wellington Vineyards Reserve Duo
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Wellingtastic
1 Wellington Vineyards 2002 Reserve Syrah
1 Wellington Vineyards 2004 Victory Reserve

Please note the Victory appears to be the 2004; CT linkage is to the 2004 vintage.

in for 3

In for three as well. Very VERY much looking forward to this storied duet…

this looks like gold…im in for THREE!

In for 1 so I didn’t go in for more. We’re on a pricey streak, after the pedroncelli, etc.

And it has been about 5 months or so since my last labrattage :slight_smile:

Awesome! In for 3. And shh beat everybody once again…

I was going to be and saw the price and decided to take the time to read before I bought to figure out how many I should go in for.

Links to the winery… like we really need this…


I think the descriptions are a little messed up - since they are identical for both wines

Exactly HOW are we supposed to say, “No,” to this?

In for 2.

Edit: One more w.w order and I’ll have earned black on two sites. Nothin’ like buying your way to glory.

I think the text is wrong on the main page it says 2002 wellington victory. Whomever made it just copied the 2002 syrah text into the 2004 victory.

Victory is Cab sauv, cab franc, merlot.

Pic shows 2004?

anything by Wellington is of great interest!

(were the square-bulleted descriptive items of the two wines repeated in error? details are the same)

Just returned from Pittsburgh in time to woot this!

Same here, really liked all of the prior Wellingtons. Now I can feel free to drink some of those I have left. May have to gift 3 later in the week if still around.

Oops! Somebody listed the 2002 Syrah stats for the 2004 Victory in the write-up.

wow - showing 50% are taking 3…this might go poof fast. Maybe gift some before lab reports? Any have experience with either of these wines?

Agreed, may need to gift

So which is it?

The product information says: “1 Wellington Vineyards 2002 Victory Reserve”
The description says: “Wellington Vineyards 2004 Victory Reserve”
and lists a composition as: 98% Syrah, 2% Cabernet sauvignon

The picture shows: Wellington Vineyards 2004 Victory Reserve
with a composition of: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot

So, which is it?